Ming is on a roll

Nov 15, 2023,15:07 PM

The new Ming releases are quite impressive.  Strong DNA and impressive design.  Recession or not, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these go fast…especially with Gulf country customers.  Smart play.

Source: Ming website 

Dubai edition


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All I have to say to that is “Moo!”🐄

 By: ArmisT : November 15th, 2023-21:35
I’m joking, and i’m inclined to agree with you on this. Had this been a couple years ago, I totally would’ve gotten milked in this case…and then regretted it by this point. But i am intrigued by their play.


 By: patrick_y : November 15th, 2023-18:34
I've just seen the SAND in person and it is STUNNING! There's so much restraint in the sand that it is visually very surprising. In person you expect it to be yellowish and more gold-ish in person. But in person it actually looks like that color on the sc... 

It's definitely nice.

 By: patrick_y : November 19th, 2023-19:49
It's even especially "stunning" when you're in a "sandy" mood like when you're in Dubai - a place where you are dying to see some sand but all you see are tall buildings and big developments.

Interesting sand waves look.

 By: hora12reborn : November 15th, 2023-18:38

They aren’t necessarily “maddening,” I agree.

 By: ArmisT : November 15th, 2023-23:47
And it may indeed be some effect of the hype years…I can relate to that.

Nice photos

 By: sschew : November 16th, 2023-03:33
They look nice