London Calling...a fav Clash song from my youth!

Oct 02, 2019,16:13 PM

For those of you fortunate to be in or close to London, there is a wonderful museum exhibit that I’d highly recommend. 

The Science Museum hosts the Clockmakers Company collection, which I just visited on Monday. 

Long case clocks, pocket watches, marine chronometers to modern day wrist watches. 

The highlight for me was H5, Harrison’s chronometer that is massively significant in the world of horology. It’s a big piece in person and an impressive piece to look at. It changed the world of portable precision timekeeping. I’m sure everyone knows the story by now and has a had a chance to read one of the various books or websites on this important subject. Suffice to say that it took my breath away and I’m thrilled that I was able to share the moment with another member of our site Bounce781, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person finally. 

A lovely Dent Marine Chronometer:

The Nelthrop collection:

A modern Marine chronometer made by Michael Blaney as a challenge from the late George Daniels!

Here’s my fav piece, the H5!

And of course the great recent work from the British Master watch and clock makers:

I’m posting from 30,000 feet heading home, so I hope the image quality is ok. 

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Image quality is fine, with light clouds and a stiff breeze from the Northwest

 By: cazalea : October 2nd, 2019-16:53
Thanks for posting these. Cazalea
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A must see while in London!

 By: Tim Jackson : October 2nd, 2019-19:17
I haven’t been to the Science Museum for over 30years. Fond memories came flooding back of the steam locos downstairs, from visiting with my father as a small boy. It’s an amazing museum, with fab exhibits. Cheers, Tim
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Thank you Tim for sharing a piece of history!

 By: patrick_y : October 2nd, 2019-18:17
Love London, visit often. Will have to add this to my list of things to do in London!
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Patrick, it’s a must!

 By: Tim Jackson : October 2nd, 2019-19:14
Apparently there is also another great collection of horology at the British Museum. That’s on the list for next time I’m over. Cheers, Tim
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“The highlight for me was H5,”

 By: Bounce781 : October 2nd, 2019-21:34
I thought meeting me would have been the highlight 😜 Pleasure to have met you in person, Tim! The Clockmakers Museum is an amazing place indeed. Definitely a must-do for any horology nut. British Museum and Greenwich Observatory should also be on every vi...  
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George Daniels portrait.

 By: Bounce781 : October 2nd, 2019-21:46
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Brilliant to meet you too!

 By: Tim Jackson : October 3rd, 2019-21:29
Now I know where your name comes from, energy for days and enthusiasm that is contagious. A great time had by all and I’m very glad we we able to meet up. Cheers, Tim
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 By: Bounce781 : October 4th, 2019-03:31
Let’s do this again sometime soon, heh!
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A great exhibition! [nt]

 By: Tim Jackson : October 3rd, 2019-21:30
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You’ll not be disappointed, it’s very good! [nt]

 By: Tim Jackson : October 3rd, 2019-21:31
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