Jan 21, 2023,18:12 PM

So many times I want to put this on, but I’m not convinced by the strap. Still looking for the appropriate texture and brown hue, instead of the original black strap.  But I couldn’t resist wearing today.  HAGWE everyone.

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Great looking Kurono

 By: Watchonthewrists : January 21st, 2023-20:32

Attractive watch

 By: Larrykelley11 : January 21st, 2023-23:16
I’d love to see that with a camel hair colored strap, maybe Alcantara?

Hmm, that sounds really nice actually 🤔

 By: ArmisT : January 22nd, 2023-02:26
I love alcantara, so that works. I will look into that, thank you.🙏🏽

Very cool dial 👍

 By: holdemchamp1225 : January 22nd, 2023-16:10

Great Kurono.

 By: Nicetomeetyou : January 24th, 2023-01:38
That dial is unique. So is the strap! Two brothers from the same family.