It is a Three Torque Tourbillon (I know that no one else is surprised).

Feb 10, 2004,04:04 AM

My French/English dictionary translates torque (Fr)directly as torque (Eng)i.e. force around a moment arm.

My French dictionary however, gives another definition saying 'turn in a circle'.No mention of force at all.

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The new impressive three-axis Tourbillon by Richard Daners and Marion Mueller!!

 By: Ornatus-Mundi : February 7th, 2004-10:10
Dear All! The famous Swiss watch retailer Guebelin ( just announce the presentation of the impressive three-axis Tourbillon Turbulences to celebrate the 150 year anniversary of the company. It was made by the well-known if not famous maste...  


 By: Toren : February 7th, 2004-01:13

Thank you.(nt)

 By: Jim Rothbarth : February 8th, 2004-10:10

A stunning watch and technically superb

 By: IanS : February 8th, 2004-10:22
Could you please tell us the differences between this and the other 2 3D tourbillons - or is it using one of the other systems under licience?

it rotates along three different axes

 By: ei8htohms : February 10th, 2004-03:03
Hi Ian, The two dual axis torubillon released last year were just that: rotating along two axes. The escapement in this piece rotates along three axes. In that way it is similar to Thomas Prescher's latest creation, the most dramatic difference being that... 

I know it rotates on 3 axes however what I do not understand is the

 By: IanS : February 10th, 2004-04:04
correlation between the 3 axes and 3 torques.Doesn't one barrel equal one provider of torque? Two barrels, two torques? It might even be argued in this twin barrel setup, that there is in fact only one torque driving the mechanism - if I understand it cor... 

Three axis are flying

 By: Thomas Prescher : February 11th, 2004-08:20
Dear John, if we take a ballbearing flying The correct description should be. G?belin two axis fling TAT three axis flying. How do you think about it? Thomas