I thought Volker Vyskocil didnt make it to his first watch and he became a hype legend..

Jul 24, 2018,08:31 AM

How come i read that others ordered his watch and paid their deposit but till now didnt received it?! He was my era and its been like more than 10 years.. This message has been edited by cazalea on 2018-07-24 09:19:26

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I think we should let sleeping dogs lie, and not kick at them

 By: cazalea : July 24th, 2018-08:52
Ill health, family issues and financial distress can happen to anyone, as it apparently did to him. Many years ago when working at a bike shop I ordered 6 custom bicycle frames from a superb framebuilder in my state. About a year later after repeated call... 

Really something bad happened to him?

 By: Teacher Yang : July 24th, 2018-09:05
Alright. Can you edit out "WTF" from my title. At least to respect him. Thank you.


 By: a.lber.to : December 6th, 2018-06:51
...that is probably easier when you do not have a financial stake in this. Personally, I was among the first orders, and I had paid in full for my watch, as a way to help him. So I find it certainly harder to let sleeping dogs lie...

Agree with Alberto, when you believe in someone enough to want to

 By: alex : December 6th, 2018-08:44
support/sponsor him but and you get zero feedback from him it’s hard to digest. If at least he had sent us a mail saying “sorry, yiou’ll Never get your watch “ I could live with it but 13 years after my order and deposit and unkept promises and exuses I’v...