I'm still enamoured with this beauty from PSM.

Dec 04, 2018,00:40 AM

Thanks for looking.


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 By: Cpt Scarlet : December 4th, 2018-01:10
can you tell us anything else about this piece ?


 By: fernando : December 4th, 2018-01:37
It very light (Ti) , LE of 38pcs. Blued steel hands which I wasn't able to show here. Automatic with micro rotor. Very well executed IMO.


 By: Questlove : December 4th, 2018-07:14
I would love to see this piece in person some day. Wonder if Peter himself was also involved in building/designing this watch. It's very unfortunate that he had to leave his own company...

My favourite PSM [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : December 4th, 2018-09:21


 By: gengar : December 4th, 2018-17:43
This model is the Speake-Marin "Two", released as one of the models in the "One & Two" launch (the "Two" being the Ti, "One" being RG). As mentioned, offered in 38mm and 42mm. I was going to pick a "Two" up, but between the absurdly poor response to my sa... 

Completely understandable [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : December 5th, 2018-01:45

cant blame you as it is a very beautiful piece [nt]

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : December 4th, 2018-01:35
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Thank you! [nt]

 By: fernando : December 4th, 2018-03:01

Definitely the 38mm [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : December 5th, 2018-01:46

Beautiful PSM 👌🏻😘

 By: Watchonthewrist : December 4th, 2018-04:31
Cant blame you 😉

Thank you :) [nt]

 By: fernando : December 5th, 2018-05:32

Hope so :) [nt]

 By: fernando : December 5th, 2018-05:32

Even better. Thanks. [nt]

 By: fernando : December 5th, 2018-05:32