Chronomètre Contemporain for “Only Watch 2019”

Jul 01, 2019,12:16 PM

the dial is incredible - chiseled enamel...yummy texture!

Pic credit: sjx


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Akrivia continues as a different model line...

 By: mahesh : July 1st, 2019-12:37
CC belongs to the Rexhep Rexhepi line, more dressier.

From a complication point of view, absolutelly...

 By: @lberti : July 1st, 2019-13:52
Not my taste though... i dont like the patek either and that thing is crazy complicated.

I this cases ‘Complication’

 By: mahesh : July 1st, 2019-15:15
is an understatement 😜🤐

+1! [nt]

 By: amanico : July 1st, 2019-16:06

Its drop dead gorgeous 😍

 By: Watchonthewrist : July 1st, 2019-14:40
That dail looks amazing Def one of my fav from the Auction

I love the grained enamel...

 By: mahesh : July 1st, 2019-15:17
the white markers are enamel too ! The dial gives a great contrast to the polished hands - highly legible

gorgeous [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : July 1st, 2019-16:32

Really beautiful. [nt]

 By: EdTonkin : July 1st, 2019-17:55

Too nice!

 By: sham1 : July 1st, 2019-20:50
And I thought the estimate of 40k to 60k Swiss Francs was ultra conservative.

Considering it is all sold out

 By: sham1 : July 1st, 2019-21:46
I would gladly pay CHF60k for this piece unique but I have a strange feeling that it will sell for closer to CHF100k.

And I just checked with Christie's

 By: sham1 : July 4th, 2019-10:37
No buyer's premium on the watch either!

Seriously?! [nt]

 By: mahesh : July 4th, 2019-12:17

Yes, I too was surprised

 By: sham1 : July 4th, 2019-13:26
Auctions can be a pain due to the 25% buyer's premium but Christie's foregoing this makes me want to fly all the way to Geneva to attend the auction! I salute Christie's for being part of the true charitable spirit of this event.

+1k....i can't agree more !

 By: mahesh : July 2nd, 2019-05:41
he is young, so i think his best will keep coming

very true ! [nt]

 By: mahesh : July 11th, 2019-03:47

I agree...normally hand chiseled is seen on golden dials

 By: mahesh : July 2nd, 2019-07:05
On enamel it looks great & the case compliments it too.

HUGE fan of the dial treatment. Reminds of the GO Senator Chronometer with so called "varnished blue-graine" dial. Though...

 By: halgedahl : July 2nd, 2019-10:45
The GO's dial looks to be a more refined version of a similar technique. ...  

Credits to A Collected Man...

 By: mahesh : July 2nd, 2019-11:42
guess it isn’t chiseled enamel but the texture is comparable! ...  

;) [nt]

 By: amanico : July 2nd, 2019-12:04

Don't think it's more refined

 By: nwk00 : July 29th, 2019-17:22
But just finer grained. Could be intentional choice of tool material when making the dial.


 By: jleno : July 4th, 2019-16:27
wish I could afford to bid on this!

absolutely stunning.

 By: avseg : July 10th, 2019-23:04
So sad this is an Only Watch.