By now, coffee‘s long gone

Sep 15, 2020,12:52 PM

And I enjoy a Whiskey Sour after a nice dinner.

As some of you stated in my earlier post, the nice side of the Galet is its back. Here goes.

Sorry for the lousy pics, I hope you can still enjoy the show.


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oh yes we do [nt]

 By: Passionata_george : September 15th, 2020-13:07

Beautiful LF movement and great pics

 By: Watchonthewrist : September 15th, 2020-13:27
Thanks foe sharing

Thank you, Sir! [nt]

 By: mrds : September 16th, 2020-11:44

You're invited, if you ever come to Switzerland!

 By: mrds : September 16th, 2020-11:45
Cheers, yacomino.

Let me know when you do!

 By: mrds : September 16th, 2020-13:20
I hope we'll all get to travel again soon.

Pure class Daniel 👏 [nt]

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 16th, 2020-05:35

Thanks a lot, champ! [nt]

 By: mrds : September 16th, 2020-11:47

I sure enjoyed the show; love to see this caliber

 By: Geo : September 16th, 2020-11:17
What I see in the picture is more important than the actual quality of the photo. George

Thanks, and glad you liked the pics. Someday, I hope to be able to make a decent shot of this magnificent back!

 By: mrds : September 16th, 2020-11:49
Sadly, an elusive goal so far, considering my subpar skills at taking pictures...