BaselWorld 2018 - MW&Co

Apr 11, 2018,01:12 AM

A new youthful brand MW&Co is based in France.  Their reason for being is to make a comfortable sports watch.
The watch band is attached through "shock absorbers" that have a 3mm travel.  As such you can wear the band tight so the watch doesn't move on your wrist and still be comfortable.
If the 3mm travel isn't enough you can have the shock absobers on both sides of the watch making 6mm of travel.
The shock absorbers are lodges in saphire cylinders so you can see their movement too.
The watches use the new Eterna chrono movements which have a very nice push button feel.
I wish MW&Co best of luck in their endever with this new watch.

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 By: Abdullah Non : April 11th, 2018-01:56
Any ideas about pricing?

A few changes to these prototypes and they may be ready

 By: MTF : April 11th, 2018-02:55
Don, Thanks for the heads up. I can see a niche clientele attracted to the "engineering". They just need to tighten up on their design so that function follows form. The chronograph sub-counters We have no idea of the elapsed minut... 

It should be nicknamed “Le Pompidou”

 By: JToddH : April 11th, 2018-03:56
It is quite a unique design and I commend the brand in it’s creativity. I’d certainly like to see this one up close.

I'm a little dubious about the shock absorbers on the lugs

 By: AnthonyTsai : April 11th, 2018-10:20
I don't see a need for that on a watch. Your wrist isn't going to swell by that much throughout a hot day. Otherwise, it's a cool concept but not sure if this technology is needed for a watch. - AT

I've got photos of your wrist to prove otherwise

 By: MTF : April 12th, 2018-02:39
AT, Some years ago; after you'd scared me silly in your BMW M-car with the automatic reactive seat bolsters, I took a photograph if your wrist after you'd taken off the Audemars Piguet watch. Clearly, your wrist had been embossed with the AP logo in rever... 

Its quite niche...

 By: andrewluff : April 13th, 2018-06:43
but also quite nice as in the unusual factor. The shock absorbers are a cool enough feature, personally I am not too keen on the lines on the ideal as they draw the eyes the wrong way and also make the chrono unreadable. As a first watch, its really not b...