BaselWorld 2011: Frédéric Jouvenot

Apr 13, 2011,10:14 AM

We saw Frédéric Jouvenots Heleos for the first time last year at BaselWorld.
In the mean time he has won the GTE Super Watch Award in Geneva in January of this year with this watch and the decoration and readability improvements have made the watch quite attractive.
You remember how it works?
Think of a jumping hours watch just that you count the number of rays turned to day or night for the hours.
Conveniently the rays are oriented like we are used to for the hours so reading is fast and easy.
The minutes are read on a small dial in the middle.
What do you think?

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luv it!

 By: lien : April 13th, 2011-11:45
wonder how different its mechanism to LV's dice watch though cheers, Ed~


 By: eterna-fan : April 13th, 2011-15:29
i am extremely conservative when it comes to dial designs. but this watch is mesmerizing. i am totally smitten.

Just when it seems we've seen every way to display time,

 By: cazalea : April 13th, 2011-16:00
another great concept comes along to amaze us. I like the sun-beam appearance too. Cazalea

This is a very interesting watch.

 By: dxboon : April 15th, 2011-23:03
I like the unique sunray motif for telling time. A cool find. Thanks, Don! Cheers, Daos

I really liked this one when I saw it ate GTE

 By: SJX : April 15th, 2011-23:47
One of the most interesting new independents; the mechanism is not only novel but very attractive. - SJX

BaselWorld 2011: Frédéric Jouvenot

 By: PhilippeTheSaint : April 19th, 2011-05:54