Thank you [nt]

Apr 11, 2020,12:53 PM

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+1 [nt]

 By: J K : April 11th, 2020-09:09

Lovely and special. [nt]

 By: Watchlover78 : April 11th, 2020-09:18

Thanks! [nt]

 By: mj23 : April 11th, 2020-11:42

Lovely and beautiful. [nt]

 By: Watchlover78 : April 11th, 2020-09:19
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The winner is obvious for me.

 By: CL : April 11th, 2020-09:32
Whichever one that is Manual wind . For a time only piece. a manual wind will have a nicer interaction experience.

Both gorgeous dials and watches .

 By: Watchonthewrist : April 11th, 2020-10:15
A slight pref for the Kurono πŸ˜‰


 By: mj23 : April 11th, 2020-11:41
Maybe not just a slight preference πŸ˜‰

Help needed....

 By: An77n1 : April 11th, 2020-11:00
Been reading about Kurono and have seen two signatures on Hajime Asaoka’s dials. Some say Bunkyo Tokyo And the others say Chrono Tokyo. Which signature is most recent? And which one will we see on future productions as none are currently available on thei...  

Thank you [nt]

 By: An77n1 : April 11th, 2020-12:53

Great choice! [nt]

 By: mj23 : April 12th, 2020-08:33

That’s a really beautiful pair

 By: ChristianDK : April 12th, 2020-01:18
And I can see how it makes sense to have them side by side. Very much my taste!