Sep 25, 2021,17:11 PM

... Perfection.

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 By: mj23 : September 25th, 2021-16:27

S T U N N I N G 🤩😍🥰🔥💥

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 25th, 2021-16:36

Thanks my friend

 By: mj23 : September 25th, 2021-17:09

My absolute pleasure 🙏

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 27th, 2021-18:47

That’s an awesome choice of colors for this Logical One.

 By: Lankysudanese : September 25th, 2021-16:55
The deep blue, gold and silver (metalwork) and brown strap make a compelling watch

Thanks for the kind words!

 By: mj23 : September 25th, 2021-17:09

Unbelievable, what a beauty!

 By: Geo : September 25th, 2021-16:57
Thanks for sharing! GEO

Thanks GEO!

 By: mj23 : September 25th, 2021-17:09


 By: elliot55 : September 25th, 2021-17:11
... Perfection.


 By: mj23 : September 25th, 2021-17:12

Ooooof, crazy!

 By: amanico : September 25th, 2021-17:17

Thanks Nico

 By: mj23 : September 25th, 2021-17:39

Spectacular beauty. Hagwe

 By: Bill : September 25th, 2021-18:51

Thanks Bill

 By: mj23 : September 25th, 2021-20:33

Much appreciated, Paul!

 By: mj23 : September 25th, 2021-20:34

So amazing and gorgeous

 By: Watchonthewrist : September 25th, 2021-19:54

Much appreciated

 By: mj23 : September 25th, 2021-20:34

Thanks so much!

 By: mj23 : September 25th, 2021-20:34

Mech porn

 By: mrds : September 25th, 2021-20:16
…in the most flattering sense of the word.

Thanks and agree!

 By: mj23 : September 25th, 2021-20:34

A dream watch!!!

 By: MTR : September 25th, 2021-23:17
And an intriguing and fascinating combination of colors. Many congrats for this choice Thomas

Thanks so much, MTR

 By: mj23 : September 26th, 2021-15:55

Was able to handle one of these a few years ago and....

 By: Spencer Karrington : September 27th, 2021-22:46
it was an incredible pleasure! it is really difficult to capture the depth of the watch on pictures and the shine but there is so much of both!! Really incredible watch!

Yes seeing it in person is always the best

 By: mj23 : September 27th, 2021-23:55
To fully appreciate this piece

Couldn't agree more

 By: Spencer Karrington : September 29th, 2021-19:40