Hublot Sapphire ..

Apr 13, 2019,13:26 PM

Hello Hublot fans,

I recently am hunting down a earliest version of the Hublot “Sapphire” releases back in the 2016

This is my first Hublot. 

I love this original 2016 first edition the best.. however when i do more research online..
I found some comes with crystal hour/minute/second hands while some other comes with metal hands..
Please kindly refers to the attached photos below.. 

Crystal (?) hands ..

Vs Metal hands..

please note the photos with the metal hands are of a same watch, the dial looks dark n light depends on lighting i guess.. 

Anyone knows the difference? Thank you v much in advance. 


btw these are photos i extracted from the internet and credit due to the copyright owners. thank you.

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Hi Jen...

 By: Sascha : April 13th, 2019-13:55
...Hublot wanted the Big Bang Unico Sapphire to be as transparent as possible and so the prototypes were also built with transparent hands. In test, however, these hands proved to be too fragile so that Hublot built metal hands into the series watches. Ch...