Congratulations. Looks spectacular. Or should i say Red Hot. [nt]

Mar 20, 2020,08:35 AM

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 By: jkvs : March 20th, 2020-07:15
Sometimes it makes fun to invest anticyclical It was not too easy... get one out of 500… ...but finally I found it in Vienna. Luckily the parcel service was working instead of the crisis... ...and now I sit at home... ...very pleased with my latest ...  

I really like the porthole..

 By: myles721 : March 20th, 2020-07:28
Interesting about luxury branding with regard to packaging...MSRP on Dark Side black black $12,200.00 comes with this packaging Guessing Hublot $30,000.00...? And yet certain others Patek etc..not fancier..and if so what?...24K hinges?..Interesting. ...  

Yes, this is really interesting!

 By: jkvs : March 20th, 2020-10:20
However, for me it is quite irrelevant how big or how luxurious the packaging of a watch is. Usually it is too big and often rather difficult to store. Grand Seiko offers a rather practical box, as AP does it as well.

Wrist size

 By: Weems@8 : March 20th, 2020-07:59
Congratulations with a creation from Jean Claude Biver. It is a huge watch, for big wrists.

Thank you!

 By: jkvs : March 20th, 2020-10:03
The diameter is 45 mm, but it fits much more better on my rather small wrist than a 44 mm ROO Chrono.

Thank you very much!

 By: jkvs : March 20th, 2020-10:07
I must confess that I had to overcome some doubts, but they all were scattered when I opened the box...

Thank you very much, FabR!

 By: jkvs : March 20th, 2020-10:13
You are right - Hublot had the process of creating this special ceramic patented. As I heard, this ceramic harder than other ceramic used for watch cases (1,500 instead of 1,300 Vickers).

Omg love it! So great!

 By: quattro69  : April 11th, 2020-17:11
That Hublot red ceramic is just the best!! ...