Celebrating Christmas in Singapore with Jean-Claude Biver

Dec 24, 2018,01:53 AM

Last week, Mr Jean-Claude Biver travelled to Singapore to celebrate early Christmas with friends and press members with a wonderful luncheon organised by The Hour Glass.

A recap of the afternoon ...

Mr Michael Tay, Group Managing Director of The Hour Glass greeted guests and spoke about how Mr Jean-Claude Biver has inspired him before handing the microphone to him ...

A short speech by Mr Jean-Claude Biver before lunch was served ...

The energetic and high-spirit Jean-Claude Biver ...

Mr Jean-Claude Biver autographing his book ...

Queue formed and all books were autographed ...

A brillant Christmas gift from Santa Biver,  with a book containing his wisdom and philosophy about life.  Within also contains detailed narrative from the beginning of his Blancpain days to current Hublot on how he strives to 'always be first, different and unique'.  
A very good read!

Thanks to The Hour Glass organising a first-rate Christmas lunch too!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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Great to see this very special Santa Claus!

 By: Sascha : December 24th, 2018-03:57
Thanks for taking it, it looks like a very successful event. And JCB was for sure like the cherry on the cake! Cheers, Sascha

Yes ...

 By: Kong : December 24th, 2018-04:15
a very good year-end event. Merry Christmas Sascha. Kong

Thank you Kong for taking us you the Party and thank you

 By: Bill : December 24th, 2018-04:46
to the hourglass and hublot for hosting us. Bill

Santa Claude!!!

 By: andrewluff : December 27th, 2018-03:12
Thanks for sharing the pictures of the event, looks like a great time and I saw on instagram some of the speech of JCB... always great to hear the main man speaking! Cheers Andrew

Indeed ...

 By: Kong : December 27th, 2018-19:27
a nice event to end the 'Watch' year. Andrew, try to get a copy of the book, it covers more details (both his perspective in business and personal life) than most online resources. Happy New Year! Kong

Thanks for the article Kong

 By: traineract : January 6th, 2019-22:25
Huge fan of Biver. Watched the recent interviews too and they were amazing. A legend


 By: esotericjunkie : January 10th, 2019-13:31
Biver is high energy and very passionate about his work.

Wow, what an event! Thanks for sharing!

 By: walds11 : January 12th, 2019-02:19
JCB is brilliant. Can I buy this book in the US?

For English version ...

 By: Kong : January 22nd, 2019-07:07
seems like only available through the publisher, OFV. Kong

Great, thanks! [nt]

 By: walds11 : January 23rd, 2019-02:52