Big Bangs!

Jul 19, 2019,10:54 AM

Hi everyone, happy Friday!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to try on these two rather rare Big Bangs at my local AD. I always enjoy seeing "something different" even if these items aren't necessarily watches I would buy or wear.

Of the two, the UNICO Italia Independent Blue was my favorite - I'm a *sucker* for blue watches as well as non-standard materials. The carbon fiber and texalium look amazing, although I'm not a big fan of the metal studs on the denim strap, but that's an easy swap due to the quick change system smile

And wow, the UNICO Teak Italia Independent - what a unique piece in 18k gold. Really like the teak wood and kevlar bezel and sailcloth strap! I believe this is 1 of 100 made - not sure how many are still available, so it was really great to have the opportunity to see it in person.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

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Both amazing watches!

 By: andrewluff : July 20th, 2019-03:21
and not ones you see every day for sure! I am also not a fan of the strap on the Independent Italia and much prefer one without the studs too... and that blue... WOW it pops in the sunlight. The teak even though I tried it on a few times I am still not 10... 


 By: notdnl : July 20th, 2019-07:16
It's great to see a variety, even if they aren't models I would personally spend my money on! I'm not sure if this is completely true, but the AD said you won't find another Teak on the East Coast of the US anywhere, so very cool to see it in person. The ... 


 By: Sascha : July 20th, 2019-08:00
... both great and very special Hublot watches! I would prefer the Italia Independent and click on one of the great blue One Click straps . I don't (yet) get along with teak. But who knows, maybe that will come one day?! Cheers, Sasha

Acquired taste...

 By: notdnl : July 25th, 2019-13:50
Agreed. I do think the TEAK is an acquired taste - there's A LOT going on with that watch - different colors and materials!