Back to my wrist after 10 years...

Jan 16, 2021,13:44 PM

It's almost 18 years old an have been resting in the safe for at least the last 10.

It definitely belongs to a different era, but I still love it. A pity that I chose the two tone version, as I would wear it much more often nowadays if it were all in steel. And the comfort on the wrist is not comparable with any other watch in my collection.

HAGWE and stay safe!

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Thanks Fab! Actually I had almost forgotten it 😅

 By: 1WatchMan : January 16th, 2021-15:45
It was the second watch that I bought with my own money, when I didn't even know the brands of some of the watches in my current collection. I also bought the ladies version for my wife, which she still wears very often. I can confirm that it is extremely... 

There is most certainly a subtle beauty in its simplicity

 By: toowoundup : January 16th, 2021-21:40
Again, I'm not the biggest Hublot fan by any means but this stands in contrast to some of the garish stuff the put out nowadays

I agree 100% 😊

 By: 1WatchMan : January 23rd, 2021-00:11

Got good news for you

 By: Jurry : January 17th, 2021-00:05
Well here is some good news; bi-color is slowly making a comeback

You may be right, indeed

 By: 1WatchMan : January 23rd, 2021-00:17
Maybe it has to do with the fact that bi-color watches are the only Rolexes that you can actually buy (at a sensible price), and that's affecting the whole watch trend 😜 Anyways, I'm still enjoying my Hublot these days of confinement, the yellow gold colo...