You can now buy discontinued FP Journe watches directly through FP Journe Boutiques

Oct 05, 2016,10:22 AM

FP Journe will buy watches from past collections (when opportunity arises), restore them, and put them back up for sale with a 3-year warranty & delivered with a new box and warranty card.

These watches will be listed on FP Journe's website, and then you can request to purchase them through the FP Journe Boutiques.

Just some news that came out today in case you're interested in purchasing a legacy FP Journe watch that you missed out in the past.


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Interesting way of selling watches IMHO

 By: Alkiro1 : October 5th, 2016-10:37
Best wishes Alkiro


 By: Ancienne Le Brassus : October 5th, 2016-11:02
Interesting, and I wonder what the price difference will be to current offerings. Car dealerships do this all the time, so not surprising. S

interesting way actually...

 By: mahesh : October 5th, 2016-21:29
to keep the price up in 'used watch' market best, mahesh.,

Yes mahesh it is smart from FP Journe

 By: Alkiro1 : October 5th, 2016-22:08
Best wishes Alkiro

Very visionary business move!

 By: sleepy_templar : October 5th, 2016-11:04
Seems like Mr. Journe also took an MBA course, just like Romain Gauthier did? This move is very BCG or HBS...

He took a page directly out of Linde Werdelin

 By: HauteWind : October 5th, 2016-16:39
Linde Werdelin launched LW Vintage to focus on preowned watch sales. There is a good article on ABTW

That they have, and I suspect others will do likewise.

 By: anonymous09 : October 5th, 2016-17:14
Given what FPJ charges though for servicing, and a full refinish, I wonder what the prices will be, by comparison to when new and current model.

Smart [nt]

 By: Arie - Mr Orange : October 5th, 2016-11:23

Very smart, bravo FPJ

 By: moc : October 5th, 2016-12:14
Like it or not , FPJ watches have become milestones, the maison itself a fundamental pillar in modern watchmaking. Mo

+1, well said! [nt]

 By: brandon1 : October 9th, 2016-05:30

Well said Mo...

 By: Andy : October 9th, 2016-08:22
Great to read you again....hope all is well with you. Yours, Andy.

I like the idea a lot!

 By: dr.kol : October 5th, 2016-13:52
It's good also for the owners FPJ's owners who want t sell their watch. Kari

I am afraid I don't get the point...

 By: amanico : October 5th, 2016-13:55
So, FPJ prefers to buy his own watches rather than selling his production? Why?

To keep the legend alive?

 By: Arie - Mr Orange : October 5th, 2016-14:51
Or at least boost it?


 By: mahesh : October 5th, 2016-21:31
to keep the price up in 'used watch' market ! best, Mahesh.,

i never argue with an attorney you know ;-)

 By: mahesh : October 6th, 2016-03:13
the good side is, you're sure about an used watch purchase... the down side is, for sure you'll pay a premium to it ! as a used watch buyer, it builds a safety net... Best, mahesh.,

A few reasons from the point of view of a collector

 By: moc : October 6th, 2016-01:04
I like seeing a brand believing in what she has done in the past, revamping iconic models like the octa calendrier or the early resonance... by collecting them, bringing them to brand new status and re insert them in the market. It creates a sense of beli... 

I would appreciate to see JLC defending the Duometre in a stronger ( better? ) way, since you mentioned it.

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2016-03:24
Yes, that would be something good. They have gold in their hands, but don't use it in the best way. But buying watches they produced??? Except the vintage ones, which is important for the patrimony of the brand, and what they are doing, though, I don't se... 

I think we are almost saying the same thing Nico,

 By: moc : October 6th, 2016-23:26
But don't forget that FPJ doesn't have a long patrimony and in its short life as a manufacture he made some iconic watches,so,as you say it,they are investing in their short heritage. I prefer them to recondition out of production watches(not of course th... 

In my opinion

 By: sham1 : October 6th, 2016-00:43
it is an excellent way to sell new and used watches. What better way to buy a used FP Journe watch than from the manufacturer. And anyone wanting to buy a new watch will be rest assured that there is a ready market should they wish to sell their watches o... 

Great move, I see many positives from this approach.

 By: nwk00 : October 6th, 2016-02:29
1) Collectors don't feel their watches are abandoned with new launches. 2) Indirectly propping up the prices. 3) I guess it also highlights parts availability is good, despite watches being old. Or at the minimum there is capability to make parts from scr... 

As many of you have pointed out

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : October 6th, 2016-05:38
it's a way to keep the second hand prices more stable. But it's not clear where FPJ is going to buy these watches: from private buyers, from resellers, auction's houses? Even more important, how much will they pay for them? He's one of the last living gre... 

Agreed, but I think that's the unintentional benefit to FPJ

 By: HauteWind : October 6th, 2016-08:20
I believe the intentional strategy is to stabilize pricing on the second hand market in order to remain on par with pricing for new production pieces. They are many folks buying on the grey / preowned market for discounted pricing and of course, collector...