Watch brands differ in their view of the smiling watch face, it seems

Apr 21, 2018,00:43 AM

This is certainly a topic for the detail obsessed - so I reckon it will fit right in. wink

I remember reading a while ago about Grand Seiko having changed their policy on the smiley face of watches used for official photography from 10:08:42 to 10:08:43 or the other way around and decided to have a quick look at what differing brands are doing in this respect. 

It seems there is consistency within a brand - generally - but  none between. Let’s see what’s out there. 

Chopard generally goes for 10:08:37, for instance. 

Picture from: Chopard 

JLC often seems to go for 10:08:34... At the same time the website does feature different settings for different watches for a more spontaneous look, I guess. 

Picture from: JLC

Omega is different yet again with perhaps the largest deviation of them all - 10:07:37. 

Picture from: Omega

And finally, as initially stated - the Grand Seiko setting of 10:08:42. 

Picture from: Grand Seiko

Any other observations you have made? The differences coming from the eye of the respective watch industry beholder or is there more behind it?

Have a great weekend!
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Not sure either...

 By: KMII : April 21st, 2018-03:02
As I said it may well be what each brand sees as the most visually pleasing - and tastes differ, of course

A Study in Angles

 By: MTF : April 21st, 2018-03:12
KMII, Thank you for starting this topic. I think there are certain positions of hands that "evolved" because of the conventional locations of displays on our wristwatches. Generally, brand logos are at the top of the dial and date windows are at position ...  

Thanks for taking the time and adding all these, Melvyn!

 By: KMII : April 21st, 2018-05:46
Very well formulated explanations, too Have seen some variety in Chopard time setting - i.e. the 10:10:37 for instance- before but never such a complete insight. Thank you