Very Different Watches...

May 16, 2018,04:58 AM

But All very Cool. Hung out with my buddies last night and it was interesting how different our watches were.

Which one do you like? or none of them? smile


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Octo Kebobs Cigar that order!! [nt]

 By: redcorals : May 16th, 2018-05:02
No message body

You’re right, but I struggle to understand why still it seems at leastt to me it does not gain from the watch...

 By: luca.rev : May 20th, 2018-00:45
... community the attention and respect it deserves What do you think? Why? Wish you a happy Sunday Best Luca

Real Men Wear Omega [nt]

 By: Teacher Yang : May 18th, 2018-10:25

All kewl very little overlap. Did you and your friends coordinate

 By: ThomasM : May 18th, 2018-18:36
For a watch shot?!? Miss you all, my Emirati brothers! TM

That was the thing Dr. T it was totally spontaneous and unplanned. You've been to most areas in Kuwait but this one is a new one...

 By: SALMANQ8 : May 18th, 2018-20:16
literally over a 1000 restaurants and home food delivery central kitchens and cafes and so on all in one place, at night it looks very festive with the neon lights and very popular. S ...  

Gotta go again!!!

 By: ThomasM : May 18th, 2018-20:39
Need more sand dune watch shots 😉🤣