Vacheron! For its dial and movement. And its smooth bezel.

May 12, 2022,06:11 AM

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I’m struggling with the same decision.

 By: johnhiggins1960 : May 11th, 2022-22:08
Went to see both last week, both not available from AD. VC is easier to get. I preferred the feel of the PP, and the look on the wrist. Both beautiful watches

I think this Patek is possibly the best Calatrava made.

 By: TheMadDruid : May 11th, 2022-22:15
I'm sure the Patek guys here would argue against that, say, for the 5196 among others; but this is a perfect size and the movement was made for this case. I think it's beautiful and would be my top time-only consideration other than a Journe. Probably equ... 

I am a sucker for hobnail bezels...

 By: mdg : May 11th, 2022-22:22
...but that VC sure is nice. What a dilemma...

Yep. A dilemma indeed.😁

 By: @lberti : May 12th, 2022-17:32
Need to see both at first.

Two fantastic choices

 By: Aquaracer1 : May 11th, 2022-22:43
Full disclaimer, I haven’t tried on either one. For me it’s the VC, I prefer the simple bezel versus the hobnail. That being said, not a bad problem to have 😊, and you really can’t go wrong with either 👍🏻 Here is my RG JLC , which so far has served me ver...  

Thats a great piece 👍

 By: @lberti : May 12th, 2022-17:34
I want only one dress watch and that should last forever and look good in the future as well, a future classic if i may say so 👍

I recently gave my opinion to a friend...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : May 11th, 2022-22:44
I much prefer the dial of the VC over the bezel of the PP. IMO the VC is much more elegant, especially in rose gold.

I will🤗

 By: @lberti : May 13th, 2022-05:42

+1 . . .

 By: Dr No : May 12th, 2022-04:36
. . . not to mention the VC's engraved dial appealing on its own merits as well.


 By: @lberti : May 12th, 2022-17:36
Ohhh yes... this is a feature i particularly like with VC

Thank you

 By: @lberti : May 12th, 2022-17:36

The VC for me

 By: jleno : May 11th, 2022-23:06
I much prefer the guilloche dial over the hobnail bezel

So VC? 🤔

 By: @lberti : May 12th, 2022-07:07

The VC dial is really nice...

 By: mdg : May 12th, 2022-16:35
...tough choice. I think the VC is just a tad more 'elegant' and the Patek a tad more 'casual' but that's not even the right word...

Personal choice

 By: Ping.Timeout : May 12th, 2022-00:53
I love both for their simplicity and most importantly, the movements in them. With respect to which one, it’s really a personal choice. The traditionelle is special due to its understated elegance, and the guilloche adds texture to the dial. That said, th... 

A no lose situation

 By: plk7 : May 12th, 2022-00:57
For me, there is something distracting about the hobnail bezel - minute track combo of the PP. I would like it better without the minute track. The VC’s appearance is more harmonious to my tastes.

It is something you can only decide after trying both on

 By: rnaden : May 12th, 2022-01:30
Both are solid watches and are at the best of dress watches that can also double up casually. However, I think this is not something that can easily be decided on by pictures or comments. A lot of factors come into play with the real thing - feel, weight,... 

Thank you so much...

 By: @lberti : May 12th, 2022-17:40
I know there are some great alternatives to the two pieces i have mentioned, but i would really love to stick to PP or VC

Thanks input 😎

 By: @lberti : May 12th, 2022-17:40

As most others here....

 By: InHavenPro : May 12th, 2022-04:19
I think exceedingly highly of both, they are surely comparable in design and intent. With that said, I unmistakably prefer the VC in this comparison. It is simply even more elegant, and despite not having tried it myself, appears to have even better finis... 

Very good point!👍

 By: COUNT DE MONET : May 12th, 2022-16:46

Thank info.

 By: @lberti : May 12th, 2022-17:42
Any major differences, i mean PdG vs PP?

I need to read about the details again and will let you know.

 By: COUNT DE MONET : May 12th, 2022-19:00
Possibly Patek's modern parts in their "latest" watches colide with the PdG seal, is my first thought? But I will let you know soon

Thank you. 👍

 By: @lberti : May 12th, 2022-19:58

VC for me

 By: agyzace : May 12th, 2022-05:19
Both case, dial and movement/movement finish are better imho. I am biased as I own two of them, but after 9 years of ownership I still see them as impeccable

I would go for the VC

 By: Pelle_thorstenson : May 12th, 2022-05:54
Many wise things has been written already and I would like to add that it gives me a nice feeling to wear my VC's because you very rarely see them on a wrist IRL. On the other hand I must admit that I have taken advantage of VC service a couple of times a... 

I would choose the Traditionnelle in every way, although the new twin barrel movement in the 6119 is very impressive and I’m looking forward to its appearance in future Patek pieces.

 By: BigAppleBill : May 12th, 2022-06:07
Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve been informed that the 38mm Traditionnelle is no longer available.

Gotcha ! Merci

 By: @lberti : May 12th, 2022-17:44
Will keep you all posted once i have the posibility to try them on 👍

Yes, please!

 By: amanico : May 12th, 2022-21:56

Ornate dial v ornate bezel, both of course being equally grand

 By: KCLQMULKU : May 12th, 2022-06:46
For me I would choose the PP as I do prefer the case design and historical significance of the hobnail pattern. I do also have a soft spot for Patek so I might be a little biased.

PP 6119 for me.

 By: jlux : May 12th, 2022-07:34
For the look,the movement,the case,the dial .....

I prefer VC for the more versatile and slightly sporty style

 By: hoseachandra : May 12th, 2022-08:35
But if you want the very dressy and classic style, PP with hobnail bezel is more suitable.

That's a pleasant dilemma here, Albert.

 By: joenghenry : May 12th, 2022-10:57
Basically can't go wrong with either choice. I personally have voted for 6119 due to its more advanced caliber with 70hr power reserve and better tactile feeling on winding. As the 4400 caliber of VC has virtually not much tactile feeling upon winding. Ch... 

I would go Patek because of the hobnail case

 By: MiguelFlash : May 12th, 2022-11:21
But really too close to call!

This is a very tough call

 By: mrds : May 12th, 2022-13:28
Personally I‘d err on the side of the 6119. By a very small margin though. I like the hobnail bezel with its nod to heritage, but more importantly, I think the movement is a winner.

I would go with Patek

 By: VinnieD : May 12th, 2022-13:46
Historically, I did not like Patek's hobnail bezel but this reference (or my age...) changed this. I believe such pieces are to be worn for special occasions and a little bit of tasteful bling makes sense. The movement was long overdue but I consider it t... 

I am a Patek fan so my answer is

 By: GLau : May 12th, 2022-16:58

If you are able to get the guilloche dial VC go for it.

 By: LS : May 13th, 2022-12:14
I tried to buy it last year but was told that it had been discontinued. I opted for the plain dial one instead. Bonne chance!

surely an elegant dress watch is a must for a sartorial gentleman like you....

 By: mahesh : May 13th, 2022-20:15
now on the timepiece, if it is a rose gold, I'll always go for a PP over VC Tradionnelle ! (for PT case, I'll go the other way around) If I may, I would also suggest - try out two additional timepiece before you finalise...RG Laurent Ferrier Galet Classic...