Thanks, and I will try to post

Dec 01, 2008,16:40 PM

I will try to locate and post the Seiko explanation of the Magic Lever. It is a mad cartoon, with a CHOOO CHOOOO! train. Amusing, but also great way to convey info. Can't see IWC doing it that way, though.

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Seiko Magic Lever

 By: 1440 : December 1st, 2008-16:16
In thread below this system was mentioned as being similar to the Pellaton wonding of the IWC. A post by Eightohms was referenced where some descriptions and diagrams were offered. I thought this video may help - this is from a Seiko 6309A I serviced some...  


 By: DRMW : December 1st, 2008-16:38
Great video Al and very informative, That Seiko sure is beaten up. In the video it looks like you did a great job of cleaning it up as good as new! Hopefully you restored it back to health to a happy owner. Thanks for sharing! -MW

Thank you...

 By: 1440 : December 2nd, 2008-08:17