Synchronicity! CC passes the 10K post mark . . .

Jul 11, 2018,11:25 AM

. . . just as Blomman breaks 36K.

Congratulations in spades for our other G-P moderator.

His winsome, engaging style is always a pleasure to read. 

Good to know you, CC!


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What a day, huh?!

 By: DruidPadj : July 11th, 2018-11:34
Congratulations, CC! Your posts are always a pleasure to read. Here's to 10,000 more!

Wait a minute!

 By: DruidPadj : July 11th, 2018-11:37
You passed 10K a while ago! You've been hiding!

I don't think anyone's noticed . . .

 By: Dr No : July 11th, 2018-11:43
. . . 'til just now. But as they say, "Better late than never." ;-)

Congratulations to both of you CC and Blomman!

 By: KMII : July 11th, 2018-11:49
To countless additional posts and many GPs and Mimos to come!


 By: brauner : July 11th, 2018-21:35
and thanks for your various help cc.

CC, TY !

 By: Teacher Yang : July 12th, 2018-09:41
If you get what i mean. Lol

Sincere congratulations CC

 By: nitediver : July 12th, 2018-14:20
Dear CC, your contribution to this forum cannot be measured in numbers. (even 10 k is impressive of course) The quality of your posts and the insights you share with us is truly meaningful. Best Stefan