Steel bracelets

Jul 21, 2021,14:16 PM

Following on from a previous conversation about bracelets, I've pretty much migrated to only wearing watches on a bracelet. In order from left to right: - Aftermarket expandable on a 1950s Pinnacle (Made by Record) - 1980 Seiko Grand Quartz - 1980s Eterna Kontiki Q - Forstner bands beads of rice on a Nomos Neomatik Minimatik - 1980 Seiko Quartz Superior

Regards, Baruch

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Beads of rice would be my pic

 By: Watchonthewrist : July 21st, 2021-14:46

A nice modern interpretation.

 By: gadalex : July 22nd, 2021-08:48
I was keen to put my Nomos on a bracelet, but the brand has not made a 17mm version and there are few options at that lug width for aftermarket bracelets.

Great variety!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : July 21st, 2021-15:15

Exactly! Everyone with its own character!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : July 22nd, 2021-16:45

Lovely shot!

 By: mhz vph : July 21st, 2021-23:07
I happen to have a similar bracelet to the one second from left. This one belongs to an 80s king quartz, rather than grand. Both have that delightful textured finish. ...  

Super example; especially the case design

 By: gadalex : July 22nd, 2021-08:53
The texture is similar to the one in my photo. Here are a couple of shots in different lighting. ...  

Two more great shots!

 By: mhz vph : July 22nd, 2021-13:42
I like the first one especially. Each link of the bracelet reflecting differently.