Son & Father.

Jun 30, 2020,07:14 AM

Went to collect the G-shock I ordered from the neighbour mall AD who contacted me a month plus back during the lockdown. 

Quite a big watch fr my big man! And my big man is happy with his belated present. 

Comparing it with my biggest watch - 46mm ballwatch aviator!

Simple box

Father and son wrist shot.

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Congrats to your son. How do you like your Ball watch?

 By: Thomas_3 : June 30th, 2020-08:11
I'm pondering them but can't find a ton of info.

You might read my post on the Ball Engineer II Red Label Chronometer, where I wax considerably poetic in a comprehensive review of the watch. Unfortunately, I don't know

 By: halgedahl : June 30th, 2020-10:04
how to hot link to that, but you'll find it under that model name in "Meandering," or by searching the posts under my name: halgedahl. Mine is a great watch. See what you think, and good luck! FH ...  

Ball watch was a revived company on the turn of 2nd millennium

 By: iceheller : June 30th, 2020-21:15
It was originally headquartered in America after the revival but it moves it operation to Swiss and shifted location quite a few times and changing a few CEOs along the way. They have a US “subsidiary” headed by Mr Jeff H. You can search on the net. Ballw...