Some pictures of my vintage chronograph Movado M90 ..

Sep 15, 2012,12:29 PM

That's my latest catch ...

It is a chronograph Movado with a case of 35,5 millimeters, M90 inside.
And what a dial ! 

The caliber :

With my Girard-Perregaux EP4 :

Enjoy these quick Saturday pictures !

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Superb watch Alain!

 By: foversta : September 15th, 2012-13:38
This dial is an almost perfect shape which is quite rare due to its colours. We don't see very often 60mn chronographs, even today. I love the minutes hand of the chronograph. Congrats for this superb catch! Fx
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 By: MattS : September 15th, 2012-13:51
a very nice vintage chrono, distinctive and exclusive! Matt
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A lovely watch Alain!

 By: Tim Jackson : September 15th, 2012-14:37
Particularly enjoy the squiggly minute counter for the chrono, reminds me of a vintage Movado triple date I released several years ago, that had the date indicator in a similar design, probably from the same vintage too. Your seems to be in stunning condi... 
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Great catch!

 By: dxboon : September 15th, 2012-15:59
I love the use of the serpent hand for the 60 minute counter. Very unique, and a configuration that you don't see everyday. What a pair you've got there with your GP. :-) Fantastic! Congratulations, Alain! Cheers, Daos
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Beautiful dial!

 By: Davo : September 15th, 2012-17:50
Congratulations! Wear it in good health.
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both are VERY nice, like em both! [nt]

 By: ThomasM : September 15th, 2012-23:26
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Thanks for your comments

 By: alain2701 : September 16th, 2012-10:42
Now the wristshot : ...  
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Delightful, Alain. Handsome and . . .

 By: Dr No : September 17th, 2012-23:38
. . . demure, simultaneously. The vintage chronographs making an appearance on the forum recently (this Movado, Marv's Longines, Laurent's UG) have been eye-openers, to say the least.
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2 beautiful Vintage Chronos.

 By: amanico : September 16th, 2012-22:43
The side by side picture shows how important can be two extra millimeters for a watch. The Movado is a sweet candy, with a nice balanced dial, a delicious touch of blue and this very original chrono hour hand. I would have loved seeing some movement pictu... 
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Beautiful Movado.

 By: VMM : September 17th, 2012-01:49
Nice dial, I like it. Looks great on your wrist. Cheers, Vte :)
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What a handsome dial !

 By: RobCH : September 17th, 2012-02:30
Love that blue tachy scale...!! Nice find
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Did I already told you...

 By: cisco : September 17th, 2012-22:57
that I adore your last catch ? :) Beautiful... really really beautiful ! Cheers Francois
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Fantastic Alain

 By: Mark in Paris : September 18th, 2012-01:52
It make me think of Nicolas' UN when considering the colors look. Congratz Cheers, MArk
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An unusual vintage chrono

 By: Ubik : September 18th, 2012-02:58
and with an inhouse movement as well. Congrats on picking it up. A rare and secretive bird.
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thats a beauty.

 By: G99 : September 18th, 2012-03:06
I've always been impressed with Movado, but this takes top spot. I dont think i've ever seen another 60 minute chronograph with a subdial. Enjoy Graham
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