Some collectors might care

Jan 04, 2010,04:43 AM

about a polished case since it would fit within their collection already, but they only need to convince 10 of them, not all of them wink


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What is art in watchmaking? Ikepod and Jeff Koons perhaps

 By: SJX : January 1st, 2010-20:45
Ikepod was formed as a collaboration between industrial designer Marc Newson (of the million dollar riveted Lockheed lounge chair fame) and Oliver Ike. The company went bust in 2004, barely a decade after its formation, but was then revived by Newson in p...  

personal opinion

 By: aldossari_faisal : January 1st, 2010-23:40
This is my PERONAL opinion, it’s a nice thing to look at color wise and the print they have on dial, but not to wear, don’t get me wrong im a man who collect art and im so into pop art and urban art, but this is not how I would a watch to look like , and ... 

The difference art by watchmakers and watchmaking by artists

 By: SJX : January 2nd, 2010-03:56
Interesting you mention Alain Silberstein. He's someone who likes watches, even if not a trained watchmaker, so his products are the results of someone coming from that perspective. Similarly, Vianney Halter, Baumgartner and other independents who perhaps... 

thanks for pointing out

 By: aldossari_faisal : January 2nd, 2010-05:22
thanks for summing it all up mate, your are fully correct on this. i'll keep that in mind. Faisal

I think Newson has actually produced a piece of horological art ...

 By: donizetti : January 2nd, 2010-05:37
... with the Atmos 561 (at least I really like it). In my mind it is not "watchmaking art" in the true sense (where I would think it a level above watchmaking craft) unless there is some contact between the "machine" aspect of the watch and the visual and... 

I work with Marc, so take this for what it's worth...

 By: boa2 : January 2nd, 2010-12:35
He is well trained in watchmaking and jewelry design, not simply industrial design. He has designed cars, the complete interior of an Airbus A380, bicycles, and of course, furniture. He is also doing a limited edition of the Riva Aquarama. I'm not mention... 

Thanks for the perspective

 By: SJX : January 2nd, 2010-19:47
I can see the watchmaking aspect of the earlier Ikepod watches, the "-pode" chronographs, Manatee etc etc, but the Horizon "golf ball" watches have nearly zero watchmaking credentials in my opinion. They are certainly pieces of design, but lack technical ... 


 By: Rob : January 2nd, 2010-00:00
I wonder if this collaboration is in fact targeted at watch enthusiasts who are ALSO art collectors. I imagine that said number who are such is of a very small number hence the relatively small number of this particular LE. The choice of PT as the watch c... 

Coming from different collecting perspectives

 By: SJX : January 2nd, 2010-03:59
It seems to be, as an uninformed casual observer of the art market, that much of the contemporary art created by Koons, Hirst etc, rely more on the ideas, concepts, and even brand name, of the artist, than on any tangible quality, skill or craftsmanship. ... 

I guess that is the...

 By: Rob : January 2nd, 2010-14:50
57,000 USD question that begs to be answered. An interesting question to be raised is whether reception to these watches be enough of a gauge to see if reconciliation was achieved or even thought of as an objective when this project was launched? Receptio... 

Not bad but not for me.

 By: VMM : January 2nd, 2010-01:51
I own four Ikepod watches so I guess I like the brand but this ltd ed it is not my style. Too colorful? I guess someone will love it even will buy it. Thanks for sharing. Vte

I am somewhat surprised at the choice of finish

 By: aaronm : January 2nd, 2010-17:42
As one of the signature elements of Jeff Koons' work is the super-high specular polish. I think a polished case with a more round crown would have read as his work much more readily. This, to me, is "dial by jeff Koons", where I'd wish it to be "watch by ... 

See my post above

 By: SJX : January 2nd, 2010-19:45
I think the reason why this is "dial by Jeff Koons" rather than "watchmaking by Jeff Koons" is because the creators are coming from the perspective of an artist, rather than a watchmaker. For instance the series of "art" watches created by the AHCI member... 

I disagree

 By: aaronm : January 3rd, 2010-13:22
I could see that if Koons were primarily a 2d artist, painter or the like, but he's worked in 3d, if not 4d ( seem to recall some video) so I'd expect him to understand the nature of a watch as an object, not just the dial as a canvas. I'd also expect, in... 

But from a commercial perspective

 By: SJX : January 3rd, 2010-19:51
Art collectors who buy Jeff Koons probably don't care about speculaire finish, while watch collectors probably wouldn't fork out the six figure price if the watch was finished to a high level, polished case, maybe hand engraved dial; there'd be other horo... 

Some collectors might care

 By: aaronm : January 4th, 2010-04:43
about a polished case since it would fit within their collection already, but they only need to convince 10 of them, not all of them A

Saw the watch

 By: cen@jkt : January 3rd, 2010-08:01
Didn't like it, even though it should be right in my alley. This watch should be cheap and chic, but it's pricey and chic. And they display them right next to Silberstein which to me the real 'cheap and chic'. I wonder what are their next offering. cen@jk... 

But leopard Daytona

 By: SJX : January 3rd, 2010-22:43
is neither cheap nor chic. - SJX

Whaddaya mean?

 By: cen@jkt : January 3rd, 2010-23:27
It sure is chic! How dare you say the ultimate pimp watch as not chic cen@jkt

Thanks for the article SJX

 By: AnthonyTsai : January 3rd, 2010-10:03
I'm definitely not an art collector so I can never appreciate art and the prices they command. I understand why people would pay big bucks for art though. For this Jeff Koons watch, coming from a non-art watch collector's view, I think Ikepod should have ... 

The titanium version is non-limited

 By: SJX : January 3rd, 2010-22:43
but priced like art as well. - SJX

oh my, that Newson quote is awful.

 By: J_Warden : January 3rd, 2010-16:06
Hi all, I like Newson, and if I've been drinking, Koons too. I don't like them together all that much. This is a Newson watch with a Koons print on the face. If we allow Koons to do his thing with the entire watch it would certainly be a treat, and look m... 

The great thing about art...

 By: dxboon : January 3rd, 2010-16:22 that it is subject to individual interpretation, and can be a good launching pad for discussion. This new Ikepod Jeff Koons watch is one piece that will either draw watch buyers in with its unique presentation, color, artistic pedigree, exclusivity,...