Paillards patent non-magnetic balance & spring?? any info anyone?

May 13, 2008,02:50 AM


i've seen a Patek pocketwatch coversion with this on the movement retailed by the 'non magnetic watch company of America'.

i'm very happy its a nice high quality adjusted Patek movement with wolf's teeth and rhodium plating, ut its the first time i've come across paillards balance.

if anyone knows anything about it i'd appreciate as much as you can tell me.

it sounds fascinating, but might just be a long name for something simple smile

pic courtesy of the seller. 



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 By: nickd : May 13th, 2008-12:09

According to Britten

 By: aaronm : May 13th, 2008-18:33
from Watch and Clock Makers Handbook Mons. Paillard has achieved considerable success with Palladium, alloyed with silver, copper and other metals. In some instances he appears to have used a Palladium alloy for the inner part, and brass for the outer par... 

thanks chaps. its a shame there's no written reference to Paillard and Patek, but

 By: G99 : May 14th, 2008-02:50
it certainly looks like a Patek movement. i must admit that the balance doesnt look a lot different to any other balance on a quality pocketwatch of that era. i know i'm a bit of a numpty when it comes to the internals of a watch, but it says its adjusted... 

Why patek?

 By: aaronm : May 14th, 2008-08:01
Honestly, I don't see any reason to think of that movement as a Patek. It looks like a nice, high grade, Swiss Ebauche of the time, but I don't see any evidence to support the pedigree. The winding gears, although wolfs-toothed, are not beveled as finely ...