Never stop dreaming. Sounds cliche but big or small dreams can come true.

Oct 07, 2019,21:06 PM

I the context of collectors who are always seeking.  This hobby we enjoy can yield such pleasures on every scale.

Share some of those watches that you spent a long time in pursuit.

Not a watch but fun non the less.

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Excellent, your two pictures. I really have to drive this grey candy! As for your topic, here you are.

 By: amanico : October 7th, 2019-23:53
Watches I ran after for a very long time... And the one I am still running after... )) ...  

For sure! [nt]

 By: nasseriq : October 8th, 2019-23:55

No question!

 By: Bounce781 : October 9th, 2019-03:42
For me: the hunt is far more enjoyable. Owning is great, but hunting is better 😀