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Aug 01, 2022,03:39 AM

From Bloomberg online....

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 By: InHavenPro : August 1st, 2022-04:20


 By: InHavenPro : August 1st, 2022-05:38


 By: amanico : August 1st, 2022-05:45

Yes and agreed with everyone here!

 By: Esharp : August 1st, 2022-09:35
I think that in this community, the consensus is that the current state of the market is regrettable. Not because we’re not crypto bros or whatever, but because folks here are interested in watches not as investments and signifiers of wealth, but as techn... 


 By: InHavenPro : August 1st, 2022-15:00


 By: FabR : August 1st, 2022-22:25

5711 : 240? 190? Ahahahaha

 By: alexxelor : August 1st, 2022-06:38
virtual values and I have never believed. a used 5711 for me is not worth more than 70k , the same a platinum Daytona. My 16710 M series in blister is worth more.

Euro oder USD 70K for a used 5711?

 By: MTR : August 1st, 2022-07:03
Sorry, but still far too much. Best Thomas

Well, let's see.

 By: MTR : August 1st, 2022-07:02
The prizes are still crazy and out of this world. Anyway a good development.

I will only believe it…

 By: Watches&Men : August 1st, 2022-07:07
When I can walk into a boutique and get a Rolex submariner, Daytona or other sports model, at RPP. Not too long ago, this was the right way to buy Rolexes and boutiques actually threw in some discounts too. Ok time to wake up to the new reality 🤣

To be very honest, I don't see that coming back anytime soon. The demand for Patek and Rolex (and FPJ, and a few select others) has simply become too high, whether some people like it or not....

 By: FabR : August 1st, 2022-10:00
Rolex is able to allocate to its good collectors virtually all of its 1M (!) watches a year, Patek its 65k (figures from 2021), and FPJ its 1k (or probably less). It's an obvious corollary to this that anybody else who wishes to purchase a timepiece from ... 


 By: ChristianDK : August 2nd, 2022-04:37


 By: patrick_y : August 4th, 2022-01:30

This article is heavily biased...

 By: patrick_y : August 1st, 2022-07:38
Article seems to assign a lot of blame to crypto. And is forgetting consumer sentiment, the fact that there's a big Russo-Ukrainian conflict going on, high interest rates, and other factors outside of crypto. Poorly written. Designed to get eyeballs and l... 


 By: nafetS : August 1st, 2022-08:00

I shouldn't complain...

 By: patrick_y : August 1st, 2022-17:32
The editors at Bloomberg would argue, "If you can do better, you're welcome to write for us, otherwise, we make do with the best we've got!"

Right! Journalism is just not as reliable as before.

 By: patrick_y : August 1st, 2022-17:09
Bloomberg likes to get the blood going with Patek Philippe is on sale articles. They're full of surprises! You're right, I shouldn't expect better. But Bloomberg, NYTimes, even CNN used to be reasonably good. Now CNN is filled with typos. Bloomberg's numb... 

Alas, this is an issue not only in the US but probably anywhere in the world, and is only getting worse. In Italy, up until a few years ago, at least we used to have fake news outlets on multiple there's only one version of everything! ;-))

 By: FabR : August 1st, 2022-22:35
As I desperately try to remain apolitical in this reply, let me just say that while I honestly have zero trust in any of the outlets you mentioned, I'm much more concerned by the fact that it would be hard for me to name *any* news source that I trust in ... 


 By: FabR : August 2nd, 2022-00:12


 By: GregersLars : August 1st, 2022-10:01

Totally. One of the secondary dealers said the crypto buyers only made up like 10-20% of the recent buyers in the bubble so the crypto market did have some impact but not the majority of the market

 By: Fastwong : August 1st, 2022-14:06
That said, there could be a correlation that the article didn't make between crypto investors and the customers that were buying these specific hype pieces at these crazy prices at the top of the market. Impossible to prove but totally anecdotally I do se... 

I believe it!

 By: patrick_y : August 1st, 2022-17:05
I know of a crypto millionaire who bought a GT3. Doesn't know how to drive it. But he's thrilled! And I guess I should be thrilled for him. And I shouldn't criticize him for not knowing how to drive a 911. It's not easy to drive a 911 well. Although the l... 


 By: InHavenPro : August 1st, 2022-23:22

I knew it! Also see GT3 and trading bourbon over MSRP seem to go together too :)

 By: Fastwong : August 2nd, 2022-21:07
The more over MSRP a thing, the more desirable it is to that crowd. Crazy times. Agree, sharing the track with guys with impossible to get PTS GT3rs driving as slowly as possible feels so wrong. I want to be open minded and skill shouldn't have anything t... 

Lol, buy buy buy!

 By: Fastwong : August 3rd, 2022-01:07


 By: FabR : August 3rd, 2022-09:42

poetic sarcasm❤️

 By: Gelato Monster : August 3rd, 2022-03:52

Wow, the seats!!!

 By: amanico : August 3rd, 2022-05:54

I'm totally with you on this point --- as I argued multiple times, no matter what you like or aspire to, *never* pay a single cent above retail! ;-)

 By: FabR : August 3rd, 2022-11:27
And if you don't have access to a brand, just recalibrate and pick a different one (there's plenty of them, old and new!) and you'll be happy anyway Apparently I don't have such a huge following though, because if people listened to me, all this "hype" wi... 

In total agreement.

 By: amanico : August 3rd, 2022-16:11


 By: FabR : August 3rd, 2022-23:57

Driving 911 are extremely difficult.

 By: patrick_y : August 3rd, 2022-18:08
The earlier 911 models such as the 996 and 997 chassis were fickle machines. If you didn't feather the throttle mid turn, you could spin the car. And one thing that's unique about 911s is that you can actually start getting on the throttle super early mid... 

And sadly, all my knowledge is useless now...

 By: patrick_y : August 4th, 2022-19:30
Newbies in modern 911s are coming fairly close in lap times as the experienced 911 drivers in the same modern cars. Why? Because since the 2012/13 model year, the 991 generation of 911 has these super advanced computers that really know what the car is ca... 


 By: InHavenPro : August 5th, 2022-15:17

So true but I'll be honest, I'm really happy with the electronics. It was even part of my purchase decision as a dual purpose car that I want to be able to track and drive home in.

 By: Fastwong : August 6th, 2022-17:16
My first track car didn't have traction control and the ABS would go off after a few sessions when the car got hot... along with my second gear. My second track car was undrivable with it's primitive traction control on so it had to be turned off but then... 

I'm in total agreement here.

 By: InHavenPro : August 1st, 2022-14:58
Yes, it was posted on their newsfeed yesterday....

Hmm. Yeah. $190K for 5711s has not been the case for a while...

 By: patrick_y : August 1st, 2022-17:02
The writers for watches and "Pursuits" at Bloomberg often are out of their depth. Or have a very shallow understanding.

I’ve never been in watches for the money, but I still shed a tear each time I see a FPJ bleu or centrigraphe for current prices. I got in when the bleu was still sub 20k and the centrigraphe was at 35K. I sold them too soon and the rest is history.

 By: cholack : August 1st, 2022-21:43
In more recent years as the craze for modern pieces have caused a surge in prices, I have grown a certain disgust for them. There’s just too much speculation . The profits on modern pieces have been insane. You can see the used dealers website change thei... 


 By: InHavenPro : August 1st, 2022-23:21