It never hurts to ask / wish

Dec 24, 2008,03:50 AM

Here is an old thread one of many.  It is still in the cards.



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Forums questions

 By: moc : December 23rd, 2008-15:49
I am pretty new to Puristspro and I must say i enjoy every minute of it.I am glad I found it and registered as I don t have many people to share my passion with.I woud like to ask a couple of questions :when did the site start?( I d like to know a bit mor... 

It never hurts to ask / wish

 By: Bill : December 24th, 2008-03:50
Here is an old thread one of many. It is still in the cards. CLICK HERE TO READ. Bill

Thanks Bill

 By: moc : December 24th, 2008-06:05
very kind of you,I tried to look back to every posts but there are so many i might have missed it.I really appreciate your link,Take care,Mo. PS :Say Hi to sunny California for me.

Always a pleasure

 By: Bill : December 24th, 2008-06:56

A little background...

 By: ThomasM : December 24th, 2008-04:33
Hi, Mo, I guess since I founded ThePuristS, which is the forebear of PuristSPro, it falls on me to answer your "historical" questions. , as a "community site," was launched on May 30, 2001, with AP as its first brand forum. At that time, th... 

Dear Thomas

 By: moc : December 24th, 2008-06:00
thank you so much for your words and the long time you must have spent on my question.I have now a much clearer wiew on this wonderful site you lounched.It s a pleasure and an honour to "meet" you.I m a fairly new enthusiast in this world but the passion ... 

Thanks a lot Thomas for this story.

 By: foversta : December 25th, 2008-04:44
I think Bill's and your comments will be very helpful for each of us. Fr.Xavier

I look forward to...

 By: ThomasM : December 25th, 2008-22:17
breaking bread and sharing a nice bottle of wine, Fr.Xavier. Mutual friends speak very, very highly of you, and thank you for your great posts and participation here in this community! TM