If only B&M would do an "ultra thin" version [nt]

Dec 06, 2018,08:47 AM

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Was quite impressed by...............

 By: Thomas_3 : December 6th, 2018-06:32
I stopped to see my friend who manages one of our city's higher end jewelry stores, they carry several lines of watches such as Rolex PP, JLC and Cartier among others. I was saying that my next major watch purchase would most likely be something from JLC,... 

Ohhhhhhh, very nice, platinum too.

 By: Thomas_3 : December 6th, 2018-09:35
I want an Ultra Thin, just don't know which version or from whom? There's a few out there to pick from.

Superb JLC ..

 By: Cpt Scarlet : December 6th, 2018-10:26
In platinum.

I'm sure u had your reasons

 By: Brandon Skinner : December 6th, 2018-12:56
But that is one amazing watch!

Yes, they are leagues apart

 By: Thomas_3 : December 6th, 2018-11:18
but for a watch that won't get worn extensively the Baume may not be a bad option, for me anyway. Once my son becomes a doctor I'll tell him I want the JLC for Christmas.

I know what your going through. I deliberated for years before picking up this and haven’t worn it for months!

 By: Onemorewatch : December 6th, 2018-17:39
Every now and again I think about selling it before coming to my senses again. ...  

Very nice. I am sure that if I got one it would get worn frequently for a while until the newness wears off,

 By: Thomas_3 : December 6th, 2018-20:50
and it eventually does. Just not sure I can justify the $7,000+ price tag of the JLC for something that will spend part of it's life in a safe. I can only wear one at a time and I have plenty now but don't want to sell/trade any of them. Just thinking tha... 

I guess if you buy a JLC preowned and at the right price it’s almost money in the bank...

 By: Onemorewatch : December 7th, 2018-01:01
B&M is very nice but I don’t know if you could say that with new or Preowned - anyway, good luck whatever you do. There isn’t a right answer but the get what you like mantra is IMO best

It's all about personal preferences, but there is a saying...

 By: vitalsigns : December 7th, 2018-09:10
[paraphrasing]: The most expensive watch is the one we compromise to buy. Not true in many situations, of course, and we all live within limited resources, but it's certainly a worthy angle to consider. Cheers, John