I wonder what are you guys think about watches that are for sale...

Sep 11, 2021,07:07 AM

In Chrono24, which the seller say it is new, unworn, but it doesn't have box or papers. I am talking about new models, made in 2019 to 2021.

I found it very strange that nowadays, while most people know how valuable an expensive watch is, are they so carelessly lost the box and papers? If we are talking about vintage or neo vintage pieces, still make sense. But for a relatively very new and unworn condition?

My first thought is always on negative sides; maybe the watch is stolen. Thus i always avoid to buy from such seller.

Would really like to hear your thoughts.

Happy weekend.

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 By: sham1 : September 11th, 2021-07:21
I too would refrain from buying a 'new' watch from chrono24. I would buy it from an AD or from the watchmaker himself if possible. And yes the same thought does cross my mind when a new or relatively new watch is being sold without box and papers. Peace o... 

Box is not really important for me anyway. But papers are a must for a new / unworn watch

 By: hoseachandra : September 11th, 2021-13:11
I dont want to support thieves. And i feel a new watch is too expensive for not having papers

Agreed 100%

 By: sham1 : September 11th, 2021-15:13

I bought twice from C24 , one with full papers and box, one with only box

 By: hoseachandra : September 11th, 2021-13:06
But they are neo vintage pieces so i understand the condition. And i used ky conversation with him/them as an "instinct" of how well they can be trusted. Glad everything went smooth

Lucky you, indeed.

 By: amanico : September 11th, 2021-17:56

The total package

 By: Weems@8 : September 11th, 2021-07:45
While only the watch be worn, i like to unpack the stuff. Watches without box triggers the ones that want all for a bargain. I know box and papers stays in closets for years untouched, albeit that is for me a sign i buy no stoles stuff and it feels i boug... 

Oh yes i have the same feeling. When i unbox my IWC ingenieur 3521...

 By: hoseachandra : September 11th, 2021-13:19
Got the cards, original receipt, service papers, and manual book....it was a joy, even with the deteriorated box and dusty papers.

The journey

 By: Weems@8 : September 11th, 2021-13:36
is what is so great. Who was the previous owner? Was it a watch of a famous guy? Who service the watch and what was replaced? Conserve what is possible. I throw not much away. Even when a watch lost for a long time. I discovered a Armani box quickly lost ... 


 By: PalmSprings : September 11th, 2021-07:47
Which model are you looking at, examples?

I always buy a watch as complete as possible.

 By: Watchonthewrist : September 11th, 2021-08:06
Its important for me to have a complete package although the box and papers will be stored away i know i have a full set . If i can get a watch i like without a box from a trusted seller i will hunt for a box as long as possible to still get it complete

Thats obviously a no go, as you said. And if it is a watch that still broadly is on sale, i would pay a few extra bucks at the Ad to get me in position for

 By: Reuven Malter : September 11th, 2021-08:35
My next watch i want to have an allocation for. So C24 seems to be amazing, but only for older references imo.

Of course. If i can get the watch from AD or from a person i can meet face to face

 By: hoseachandra : September 11th, 2021-13:09
I feel safer. But from a someone in the internet, it feels just not right, to get a watch in new condition without papers.

The c24 fee system is one cause of that…

 By: shortys home : September 11th, 2021-09:59
… when fees for the seller are 1.5% higher for a „very good“ listed timepiece vs a „unworn“ listed watch. And like with every potential purchase: the personal communication with a seller gives you a lot more insight than any listing. Cheers Henrik ... 

I agree- I would be very suspicious too

 By: chikai168 : September 11th, 2021-14:26
I have used C24 on several occasions and touch wood, I have had good experiences. I would not buy a modern watch without box and papers, let alone over the internet. Firstly, I like my watches “complete”. Secondly and most importantly, the possibility tha... 

Yes, it is almost unbelievable

 By: hoseachandra : September 12th, 2021-04:57

I have sold several times on Chrono24...

 By: jporos : September 12th, 2021-02:15
and despite selling much older watches always provided box and papers to the buyer. I like to buy the same way. Maybe I am being too picky, but I feel that a real watch enthusiast would keep all the original items that are part of the purchase of a watch.... 

In my opinion it is weird

 By: Jari from Finland : September 13th, 2021-01:22
If a new watch doesn’t have box and papers. The first thought that would come into my mind is that maybe the watch is stolen. Even if it wouldn’t be a collector in question I think there is no reason that paperwork would have been thrown away. I wouldn’t ...