Hands on review of the Corum Coin Watch Year of the Pig

Nov 24, 2019,02:55 AM

The year of the pig ends on January 20th, so there are still a few more weeks to enjoy the pieces dedicated to this Chinese astrological sign. One of the most interesting watches around this topic is the Corum Coin Watch. Corum applies a well-mastered recipe: one that uses a silver coin to create the dial and the caseback to house it in a silver case.

The interest of the watch lies in the 10 euro coin that comes from the Monnaie de Paris. It is particularly successful and very fine in the details of both sides. Dial side, the pig seems to want to get out of the watch. Its execution is irreproachable and precise. It is surrounded by subtle and elegant patterns and inscriptions. I also like the contrast between the animal and what surrounds it. Too bad, however, that the name of the brand is a little too present: I would have liked a little more discreet size.

The caseback is equally impressive by projecting us on the next ten years of the Chinese calendar thanks to a complete  and very detailed bestiary.

The time is displayed by two stick hands with a layer of blue varnish. The contrast is sufficient and the time is readable without difficulty. The sapphire crystal is treated with a double-sided anti-reflective coating. The watch doesn't have a second hand but it's not a problem in the context of a coin watch. Out eyes have to be attracted by the dial!

The diameter is important (43mm) but the delicacy of the case and the theme of the watch make this size consistent. Be careful however: given the very slender style and the lack of a real bezel, the perceived size when the watch is put on the wrist is rather significant. Please note the use of a denim strap I found a little strange in this context despite its comfort. A night blue alligator strap would have been more consistent.

The watch is powered by an automatic caliber ETA2892-A2 featuring its classic performances namely a power reserve of a bit over forty hours for a 4hz frequency. Nothing extraordinary at this level, but the movement, widely distributed, has the merit of being reliable and easily repairable. However, I would like Corum's Coin Watches to have a manual wind movement that would seem to fit well with the spirit of these watches.

The Coin Watch year of the pig was produced in 8 pieces. Beyond this magic figure for any commercial enterprise dedicated to  a Chinese clientele, this modest production reminds us that such a watch is aimed at a micro-niche market. I think that apart from the dragon that attracts just about everyone, the other chinese zodiac signs only attract those who are really concerned, the bearers of the particular signs. And the Coin Watch year of the pig is no exception to the rule. In the meantime, this watch will have given me the opportunity to view and handle a Corum Coin Watch outside of the brand's well-known context (the one dollar silver coin or the  twenty-dollar yellow gold coin watches). It gives the proof at the same time that Corum is a real specialist on the coin watch topic. The choice of this specific coin was made with care and was successful.

+ both sides of the coin are very nice
+ a large size which enhances the beauty of the coin
+ a good readability thanks to two simple and effective hands

- I would like to see a handwind movement for this type of watch
- the name of the brand is a little too present over the coin
- the strap that I find not necessarily appropriate to the context despite its comfort

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I agree with the brand identity...

 By: vicunaman1 : November 24th, 2019-09:46
Same case construction as the US $20?????

👍thanks For the info [nt]

 By: vicunaman1 : November 25th, 2019-14:03


 By: Weems@8 : December 28th, 2019-04:30
I have seen this watch on several watch websites. Normally i give no intention at watches who are not my cup of tea, but i will make an exception because of what the pig mean to me. They mean a lot, and they give me much. They are mysterious, and give lov...