Dubai Watch Week: Horology Forum; Collaborations! A MUST WATCH!

Nov 20, 2023,04:11 AM

Did you find the AP X Marvel Collaboration to be weird?  Strange?  Were you wondering why they made such a collaboration?  

What makes an authentic collaboration and what makes a poor collaboration?  What collaborations are forced?  

As someone who encouraged many watchmakers and clockmakers to collaborate with each other and even put together a couple of collaborations myself in this industry (a couple I'm quite proud of but are too expensive for me to own personally), I was fascinated with this topic!  The speakers were true experts and I really enjoyed Mr. Omar Johnson's speech and contributions to this panel and I learned a lot from him and reinforced some of the concepts I already knew.  And of course, a great speech from the magnanimous FH Bennahmias.  

This is one of my favorite Horology Forums thus far.  Bravo gentlemen.  I'll even be watching this one a second time!  

One of Johnson's best lines (he had many) were (paraphrased): don't follow trends set by trendsetters, focus on what's coming next!  What is getting the trendsetter excited?  Don't try to sign on a Greatesy is value in identifying what will come next!  

And I really want to congratulate Austen here.  Austen here moderated this session perfectly.  He actually didn't say much.  But everything was perfect and he was able to get the most out of these two great speakers - another moderator would've felt that he had to interject more and would've stifled/muzzled the two speakers.  Bravo Austen!  

So good. I hung onto every word here. A must watch!  

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