Doxa Sub 300 Silverlung Original and Doxa Sub 300 Searambler Reissue.

Nov 08, 2018,13:43 PM

Doxa the venerable dive watch company famous for it association with Jacque Cousteau and the Aqual Lung 50 years after the original Searambler was introduced in 1967 give us the reissue.  This is the third installment in the Doxa 300 (no T) reissues.

What is also special here is the very rare bird next to the reissue around four known example of the "Silver Lung".  There is always some confusion with naming conventions as there is also a "White Lung" as it appears all in white on the Sub 300 no T "Shark Hunter".  We are all familiar with the "Black Lung" with a less than 20 examples and the Shark Hunter "White Lung" I have never heard an official count but extremely rare.  But seems the Silver lung being the last to surface is the most rare.

I am sure I have confused you all but here are a few pictures to shed some light.  

Doxa Sub 300 (No T) circa 1967 Searambler with Silver Lung

Doxa Sub 300 (No T) circa 1967 Searambler with Silver Lung

Side by side with the reissue.

Doxa 300 (no T) circa 1967 The Bottom left is the shark hunter

Not too bad these old boys.

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I see! [nt]

 By: amanico : November 8th, 2018-13:57

Great post Bill ..

 By: Cpt Scarlet : November 8th, 2018-13:50
Doxa make fabulous reissues.

No question. But as always do the reissues help or hurt the originals.

 By: Bill : November 8th, 2018-13:54
I guess you would have to say the help in popularity but the are so close that the rarity is only appreciated by true collectors. In any case there is no real financial pressure driving demand as the prices remain conservative.

I agree with you Bill..

 By: Cpt Scarlet : November 8th, 2018-23:51
Doxa watches are a part of diving history and prices don’t really reflect this. The reissues a least keep the Doxa name alive.

Your Doxa connection is second to none, Bill!

 By: KMII : November 8th, 2018-16:08
And these are truly fantastic Thanks for clarifying a couple of things - never heard of the White Lung before!

To be more accurate both the Searambler and the Sharkhunter 300 (no T) share the same white lung.

 By: Bill : November 8th, 2018-17:52
Silver Lung is really a new term with the discovery of the Silver dial Searambler with a white AquaLung. The Black Lung is the one we all know about which is the professional i.e. Orange dial. In any case all these tree had extremely limited production mo...  

Searambler.... what a great name!

 By: MichaelC : November 9th, 2018-04:24
Thanks for sharing these nuggets with us.

What a lineup of lungs! :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : November 9th, 2018-10:32
Great to see so many great lugns together! Best Blomman

Great post Bill!! Your Doxa collection is awesome!! I love the Doxa Sub and I´m so happy the factory decided to reissue these watches as ...

 By: Subexplorer : November 14th, 2018-12:01
... this made possible to me to own them. The originals have never appeared down here in my hunting grounds! I don´t feel their introduction (in limited bases by the way) could hurt the value of originals. By the contrary, the awareness of the existence o...  

Your doxa collection looks very complete. I agree the next one will be the Sharkhunter with the aqualung in yellow like the searambler.

 By: Bill : November 14th, 2018-12:58
It is hard to pick a favorite among the re edition set but the Searambler has a nice appeal together with the Professional with the Aqualung. I did pick up the same Seiko you most recently acquired. A lot of fun. Best Bill ...  

Thank you Bill! It´s a big compliment coming from a great Doxa collector like you! May be some day I am able to get a vintage one...

 By: Subexplorer : November 14th, 2018-13:16
... to add more charm to my present collection. My favorite has always been the orange dial/aqua lung version as it represents what I recall from my youth. I feel is the more classic of all models. But then, when I received the Searambler I fell in love w... 

Great informative post Bill

 By: Tim Jackson : November 17th, 2018-14:41
I rather enjoy these dive watches and bumped into another Doxa fan/collector down here at a local Collector event, he had several modem re-issues as well as an old one. A few pics, I love the yellow dialed one! I’m afraid I didn’t snap the original one! A...