China Aeronautics Shenzhou X FIYTA

Jun 29, 2020,02:23 AM

Omega for NASA, Fortis for Russian cosmonauts and FIYTA for China space missions - Shenzhou program. For the first time inside a Chinese Emporium store, I found the latest FIYTA limited edition for the Shenzhou X mission, a chronograph in Titanium with some rather interesting features on the dial. I first noticed there's a AM/PM window next to the date, this was explained to me that astronauts can relate the time in space to China whether it is day or night time. I found this to be very useful should the watch stopped and I can see immediately if it stopped during the day or afternoon to adjust the date. I wasn't too keen on a 45 minutes counter but it was explained in related articles, they were highlighted with two colors, in blue-30 minutes and in green-45 minutes, related to certain tests they have to perform in space. And lastly, the bezel marking between 7 & 8 hours, duration to replace their space suit, all explained in document that came with the watch. I would say, having an AM/PM display in watches is a great idea, or even a white/black dot like in PP...

Just love to collect watches from everywhere... Cheers to all..

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Why is the text on the reverse written in English?

 By: Park : June 29th, 2020-09:58
Does it suggest these were intended for export? Is there reason to believe these are actually associated with the Chinese space program, or is it merely a marketing ploy? Park

Nice space watch!

 By: iceheller : June 30th, 2020-07:06
I guess the case back is engraved in English to cater to international market. ...