Alpine Eagle.

Oct 04, 2019,01:11 AM

The cheesy name and the fact that you flush 50% down the toilet the minute you walk outside the AD aside I have to say I quite like this.
It’s a good price in a market where SS sports are rarer than chicken teeth and the good ones cost so much more.
A blind man can see the similarities between the old St Moritz but there is a bit of VC, Patek and AP all thrown into the mix so it stinks a little of plagiarism. Not a massive fan of the Romans or the date window placement but then again if it were a stick dial it would be all the more an AP like knock off.

Better than a Hublot IMO

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Well, there is only a bit Overseas because it's better known but actually the bracelet of the Alpine Eagle remains almost the same as from the St., Moritz.

 By: Pour le Mérite : October 4th, 2019-01:52
I like the fact that it has roman numerals, thus it makes it more different but that date window on the large size is an absolute nightmare. What I've noticed is that non of the "imitators" offers a fucking 39 mm or 40 mm version. Why? And talking about H... 

This does wear small for a 41 though don’t you think?

 By: Onemorewatch : October 4th, 2019-02:33
Next to the MUT moon39 it looks like a 38 though perhaps more Submariner like on the wrist. Regards Hublot you could never convince me otherwise icon or not

It might wear small but I'm a big fan of "subtle" watches.

 By: Pour le Mérite : October 4th, 2019-02:38
40 mm for anything with thicker bezel is just perfect.

I'll take the classy one on the left.

 By: vitalsigns : October 4th, 2019-06:38
The Chopard's horrible date execution is an absolute deal-breaker for me.

Have you seen the smaller version?

 By: Esharp : October 7th, 2019-03:08
No date! Quite interested...

I do not care for

 By: watch-er : October 4th, 2019-10:06
the texture on the dial.

Because you seem to be asking for others' opinions...

 By: Mostel : November 10th, 2019-15:44
I have 100% confidence the AE is executed brilliantly because it's a Chopard. Chopard, despite the suicide-inducing resale value... makes extraordinary watches of exquisite quality. BUT I just do not like this watch at all. The Romans, the date at 5... th...