Nice collection!

Jul 12, 2020,05:43 AM

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Divers ! Who else likes them ?

 By: jlux : July 12th, 2020-02:29
I do like divers ! They are fun,robust and perfectly suited for a more active and casual life style (as I have since my retirement...). Although not a real diver myself (just pool diving ...) I enjoy these watches for all of my outdoor activities and when...  

I love a good diver ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : July 12th, 2020-03:20
Hope you are enjoying your weekend Gerard. ...  


 By: jlux : July 12th, 2020-08:44
You can't go wrong with a Rolex Sub.

Or a Doxa ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : July 12th, 2020-15:27

I like these Doxa's a lot.

 By: jlux : July 13th, 2020-04:55
I may add one of these also to my collection.

Thanks Gerard for diving in your chest and let us discover your treasure ;-)

 By: Mike H : July 12th, 2020-03:24
Indeed nice selection of divers, and very nice pics too, well done Hagwe

Many thanks.

 By: jlux : July 12th, 2020-08:45
I try to do my best with the pictures !

Nice collection!

 By: Emile : July 12th, 2020-05:43

Thanks a lot! [nt]

 By: jlux : July 12th, 2020-08:46

Very nice collection.

 By: KamalRostov : July 12th, 2020-06:09
That Breitling is somehow growing on me 😍

impressive collection

 By: Cookies : July 12th, 2020-08:16
Is that 7 or 8 dive pieces?

These are some very serious divers in your collection.

 By: jlux : July 12th, 2020-08:48
Thanks for sharing them!

Here are mine.

 By: geross : July 12th, 2020-08:51
The hardcore tool watches. Then I have watches that are more for snorkeling. Made for the pool or beach. Cheers. 🍻 Geross. ...  

That is a nice pair.

 By: jlux : July 12th, 2020-08:55
The Tudor compliments the Rolex perfectly.

Great collection of divers there, Gerard -- and beautifully photographed!

 By: Moana43 : July 12th, 2020-12:37
A couple more Breitlings to add to the mix... Avenger Seawolf: Superocean Heritage Chronograph 44: And, a Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver: ...  

I guess we like the same style of watches.

 By: jlux : July 12th, 2020-14:44
I would welcome any of your three divers in my collection.

I love them

 By: Boris : July 12th, 2020-17:26
But for some reason, I only have one in my collection these days, this 5512. I generally do not regret the watches I end up selling, but the exception would be the Sea-Dweller 16660 I used to own a few years back. I really wish I had kept that one. I real...  

Nice, this 5512.

 By: countzero : July 13th, 2020-23:26
On the last point, if the sporting activities involve exposure to shocks / heavy vibration, then it should really be a quartz watch, no? ;-) On the other hand, if the concern is more about scratches and general wear, then the Sinn is a very good option. B... 

Wow,these pictures are mouthwatering!

 By: jlux : July 13th, 2020-01:21
Anyone of these would be a highlight for every collection !!!

Wow it is incredible

 By: Cookies : July 13th, 2020-09:00
I really like the a piece on the 2nd pic, at the top horizontal position - Jaeger label and a big 12 numeral. Which model is this?

This one?

 By: amanico : July 13th, 2020-23:29
French market. Quite a rare one. Early 70's. ...  

It is so unique!

 By: Cookies : July 14th, 2020-00:08
I like it so much. I wish JLC releases something like that again. Thanks a lot Nic.

I beg you for a post of this

 By: Cookies : July 14th, 2020-00:25
This design is something different, something about this piece screams high auction value!

There was one sold on Hodinkee

 By: Cookies : July 14th, 2020-03:37
For $3500 USD on the pre-owned shop.

That’s rare among rares!! Wow!

 By: Subexplorer : July 14th, 2020-13:33
Beautiful diving watch dear Nicolas!! Gracias por mostrarlo amigo mio!

:) [nt]

 By: Subexplorer : July 15th, 2020-05:54!

 By: Seeks : July 13th, 2020-09:02

That’s an amazing collection dear Nicolas!! Look forward...

 By: Subexplorer : July 14th, 2020-13:31
... to view and read that post soon!! Best! Abel

Me too! ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : July 15th, 2020-07:17

Divers, probably my favorite watch, if I have to choose.

 By: Bobbe : July 13th, 2020-08:46
Versatility, bezel function for cooking pasta aldente, during holidays I love to swim. On the wishlist: a watch I recently discovered. Thoughts? ...  

You have some very nice divers.

 By: jlux : July 14th, 2020-06:36
Especially the Doxa is a favorite of mine.

My favorite type too Bobbe! Great shots and watches...

 By: Subexplorer : July 14th, 2020-13:35
... you share here!! Never seen the Wempe though. I like it! Cheers! Abel

Thank you so much for your comments about the Wempe diver Bobbe. Interesting to note. Yes, now that you mention this new watch has resemblances to the watches you mention...

 By: Subexplorer : July 15th, 2020-05:59
... but I feel it always happens among the Watch aficionados community that controversy arises with many watches and the inspiration some models may have on others. In any case this Wempe looks very nice and with its own character. As usual best thing is ... 

You are right about your observation of the watch community's reactions on some new watches. Because I love divers, this one attracted my attention, maybe because of all the 'style' elements

 By: Bobbe : July 15th, 2020-06:16
I've to see it in the metal to decide. Maybe later, because a Wempe store is a 2,5 hr drive by car. Keep you posted when I pull the trigger. Ciao, Bobbe

Thank you for your answer and thoughts Bobbe. The Wempe looks very nice and main thing (with this watch or any other) is that you like it enough to jump on it regardless...

 By: Subexplorer : July 15th, 2020-08:06
... of any controversy. It will be interesting to know your own point of view if you decide to get it finally. Good luck with your hunt my friend! Best! Abel

You make an interesting point here Bobbe. (Of course the Submariner epitomizes what a Diver´s watch is. May be I´m biased about the Sub but I feel every one will agree that...

 By: Subexplorer : July 15th, 2020-08:35
... this is the watch which inspired the design of what we consider a diving watch today) (even if some other brands/models can dispute the title of "the first dive watch" e.g. Blancpai FF or Panerai Radiomir). But your point is a pre buying strategy I al... 

🙏🙏🥂🥂 [nt]

 By: Subexplorer : July 16th, 2020-06:04

Much to like about divers, J !

 By: Seeks : July 13th, 2020-09:23
You have very excellent divers and great photos. Here are some of mine. Best regards. ...  

many thanks, J.

 By: Seeks : July 14th, 2020-09:28
Superb idea for a thread !

Great photography as usual dear Seeks!! ...

 By: Subexplorer : July 14th, 2020-13:36
... and a great array of diving watches as well!! Best! Abel

Who *doesn't* like divers? ;-))

 By: countzero : July 13th, 2020-23:41
Here's one of my favorite modern dive watches. Not much to add or subtract, nothing superfluous in the design - well, save for a few lines too much text on the dial, perhaps. ...  


 By: countzero : July 14th, 2020-00:07
An iconic design that works, therefore so often copied or borrowed from. Of course the earlier (now vintage) references are even better in this regard, but would not take them for diving any more. : ) Also, really like your JLC divers!

Your Sea-Dweller as well, it is a real tool watch with its saturation diving capabilities (especially like the 5-digit version).

 By: countzero : July 14th, 2020-18:10
The modern Bathyscape is also cool with its 'luxury' diver vibe. And I quite like that Oris Aquis!

Hello Jlux!! I also love dive watches! They look cool and...

 By: Subexplorer : July 14th, 2020-13:30
... they are sturdy, reliable and always ready to be used in any conditions and environments. Since the mid 1960’s I’ve been using several of mine for many decades in sport scuba diving even if in my last years of practicing this sport dive computer ruled...  

;) [nt]

 By: amanico : July 14th, 2020-22:59

Hello dear Tony! Thanks a lot my friend, you are very kind. Appreciate so much your compliments. Scuba diving and diving history has been a passion since I was very young...

 By: Subexplorer : July 17th, 2020-04:52
... so diving watches are some kind of "natural" object of devotion to me. Diving watches are also a most practical type of timepiece in any circumstances... may be with the only exception of a very formal attire event (except if our name is Bond, James B...