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Mar 06, 2014,16:59 PM

A couple of years ago I read the most exciting post I had ever seen on a watch forum. It was written by Felipe Jordao and the subject was the arrival of his new R.W. Smith Series 2. I had never seen anything like this piece before and it blew my mind wide open to the possibilities of the Independent Watch Makers world. I read and researched what I could and decided to take the leap of faith and finally made contact with Daniel Roth and ordered a JDN Two Minute Tourbillon. This was closely followed by reaching out to Kari Voutilainen and ordering an Observatoire. Later I made contact with John and Stephen McGonigle and then Stepan Sarpaneva.

All of these men were a complete thrill to deal with, having a watch made especially for you is just so special and these artists were all phenomenal to deal with. I have had the ultimate thrill of spending a day with Daniel Roth and visiting his home and workshop as well as touring Switzerland with Daniel as my personal tour guide. I have had numerous extensive phone calls to John and Stephen McGonigle and letters and e-mails with Kari and Stepan. I hope to have the opportunity to meet all these men in person because getting to meet the artist behind the art just completes the experience in such a wonderful way it is impossible to describe.

Here is my little tribute to these artists and with thanks to Felipe who's encouragement and guidance has been inspiring.

The Group...

The JDN Two Minute Tourbillon...

Kari Voutilainen Observatoire...


The McGonigle Brothers Tuscar...

Stepan Sarpaneva Korona K3 Harvest Moon...

Thanks for looking and for anyone who is considering working with an independent watchmaker I would recommend it 100%. It is a fantastic experience...just make sure you have a little patience because it isn`t like waiting for your AD to ship you an instock piece...but it is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience and you end up with something you are unlikely to see next to you on a flight.


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The Fantastic Four

 By: Spellbound : March 6th, 2014-18:35
What a superb post. I know that these four are just a corner of your fabulous collection, but what a special corner. I am sure this is a journey into the indies that is far from complete and am very much looking forward to seeing what is next ! (I am gues... 

Superb collection!

 By: rnaden : March 6th, 2014-22:03
One that many only dream of. All beauties, but my personal favorite is the Observatoire. Simple, elegant and yet packing a punch of mechanical artistry!

Wow! What a wonderful collection!

 By: nikolaj : March 6th, 2014-22:19
A leap into independents yes - but a giant one! I bet this post will be inspirational for others to go independent :) Wear them well Nikolaj

Very very special, simply phantastic!

 By: Marcus Hanke : March 6th, 2014-23:51
I agree with you: the direct contact with "the watchmakers" is something one cannot imagine when pruchasing only from a big brand, with anonymous machines and watchmakers standing behind the product. Once you have done this kind of business with an indepe... 

simply magnificent Rob

 By: Bruno.M1 : March 7th, 2014-01:38

Well Donut

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : March 7th, 2014-02:40
that's just nut what amazing choices you made True connoisseurs choice What's next on radar? Sincerely Damjan


 By: secretlife : March 7th, 2014-20:10
Wow, that is a beautiful set. I'm sure there will be more to come... My heartiest congratulations!!

Fine Fabulous Four

 By: SethRL : March 9th, 2014-13:25
Love these four. Really fabulous. Aligns with what I like (and I have one of the four myself, the easiest to have of course). I'll have to take your classy opinion into my watch-purchasing from now on.

There is certainly something special ...

 By: AndrewD : March 9th, 2014-20:01
... and unique about knowing the man behind the watch rather than the brand behind the watch. You have made some great choices and have a couple of my favorites there in the Daniel Roth and Kari Voutilainen pieces. Thanks for sharing them. Regards Andrew

fantastic collection!! shouldnt you post this in the AHCI and Indie forum though??

 By: Hororgasm : March 12th, 2014-05:46
thanks for sharing....I will be back with some questions about two of your watches. best, Horo