how certain are you

May 13, 2016,09:22 AM

that the dial at the bonhams auction wasn't an older repaint?

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Movado Polyplan 18 carat white gold watch with repainted dial

 By: Catious : May 12th, 2016-11:50
NOTE: This is the first post by a newly-registered visitor. I have edited this copy to remove insinuations and unsubstantiated accusations, while leaving the substance here. Let me say clearly that this site is not a place to pursue personal grudges or ve...  


 By: mpg13 : May 12th, 2016-12:00
For taking the time to document something that probably happens fairly often.

Thanks for sharing

 By: alphabeta81 : May 12th, 2016-13:47
Indeed this is what makes vintage watches so hard -- many have been altered without documentation or provenance and one "can never know"

It's a real amphetamine injected snake pit......

 By: ant : May 12th, 2016-14:40
I am sorry to hear your sad story. !n the recent past I bought some vintage pieces that were supposed to be NOS, or virtually that. They certainly looked original, but when shown to a true expert the inconsistencies were shown to me. I felt such a fool, b... 

Movado watch comments

 By: Catious : May 12th, 2016-15:25
Dear Catious, Our website is not the place to pursue a personal vendetta. As you have stated your case adequately in your first post, I am removing your repetitive comments here. Cazalea, Editor ...  

I hope Mr. Dowling sees this.

 By: Spangles - Dr. Tabby : May 12th, 2016-19:42
I feel like Mr Dowling should have a chance to respond to these accusations. He is a very well-known figure and author, so perhaps someone can contact him.

I certainly didn't mean to imply that I had purchased from Mr Dowling

 By: ant : May 13th, 2016-00:01
On re reading my post I can see that it could appear to say that I had bought from Mr Dowling, this is not the case. In fact I thought that the original posting was so serious that I forwarded a link to a colleague of his. To be quite clear: I have never ... 

how certain are you

 By: eterna-fan : May 13th, 2016-09:22
that the dial at the bonhams auction wasn't an older repaint?