Get well soon

Feb 02, 2017,12:44 PM

We never know what time will bring, get well soon. Ps you are very handsomesmile

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I would like to give you some news

 By: foversta : January 29th, 2017-03:36
Dear all, Maybe you noticed it but I have stopped my activity on PuristSPro since the beginning of the year. Actually, I faced a big health issue, a stroke, on the 4th of January and I'm still hospitalized even if could spend one night home yesterday. Tha...  

Get well soon!! [nt]

 By: Arie - Mr Orange : January 29th, 2017-03:40

Wishing you a fast, pain free and complete recovery dear foversta!

 By: agyzace : January 29th, 2017-03:40
We miss your posts, but your health is the only thing that counts! Take good care, Alex

Wishing you a Speedy (haha watch reference) recovery!

 By: Bounce781 : January 29th, 2017-03:41
! Look after yourself

I hope you're on the mend...

 By: NT931 : January 29th, 2017-03:46
... as a stroke is not a trifling affair. Rest and recover well!

Fx, we are thinking of you

 By: Esharp : January 29th, 2017-03:50
Fx, I am so sorry to hear this news, but it is a relief to hear also that you are not expecting any permanent effects. The only thing that really matters now is your health - wishing you a speedy and full recovery and looking forward to seeing you back he... 

Thank God all turned out good.

 By: Luis6 : January 29th, 2017-03:53
Wish you a speedy and full recovery.

Keep smiling FX...

 By: andrewluff : January 29th, 2017-03:54
and I am sure we will get you to Basel Cheers! Andrew

I hope for a quick recovery my friend

 By: Jocke - Bad Santa : January 29th, 2017-03:57
and that you are back with your full potencial ASAP. Stroke is an insidious affliction that comes from nowhere and unfortunately tend to leave traces. I really hope you will soon be back again as you was before, I really miss your high quality wristshots ... 

Health first

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : January 29th, 2017-04:02
I saw the news on IG, I wish you the best, watches will always be there, it's time to be abit selfish. However, passions are also a powerful source of positive vibes, writing here may be a way to make the time pass faster. Hospitals are definitely not the... 

Good to see you smiling dear FX

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 29th, 2017-04:06
Take it easy and get well All the best and so happy that in the end all went well Yours D

Glad to hear you're doing well

 By: dedestexhes : January 29th, 2017-04:15
I hope you can continue your way to full recovery! Warm regards, Dirk

Wish you a quick and full recovery,

 By: Speedie74 aka Mr. Torquise : January 29th, 2017-04:24
dear Fx! Forget the SIHH, most important is the health! Yours, Adam

Speedy recovery and rest well. [nt]

 By: FanFrancisco : January 29th, 2017-04:26

Another step forward

 By: MTF : January 29th, 2017-04:42
FrX, I'm glad that you can now inform the public on PuristS about a very personal topic. Of course, privately we have already communicated. Continue forward..... Best wishes, MTF

You surely didn't lose that...

 By: marcelo : January 29th, 2017-04:43
...big, friendly and nice smile. Wish you the best and a quick/full recovery! Marcelo

You must get well Xavier..,

 By: Samuel5 : January 29th, 2017-04:45
Because this forum is not the same without your wonderful wrist scans. Hope you will be up and running (literally) in no time. Best Sam

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery, Fx.

 By: crown comfort : January 29th, 2017-04:48
Good to see you smiling again. CC

Fx, all the best, get well soon...

 By: Bobbe : January 29th, 2017-04:54
Good to hear your memory is okay.... Cheers, Bobbe

Get well soon and wish you

 By: gcTIME : January 29th, 2017-04:56
good health for the year ahead!

Get well, your health is the most important so look after yourself

 By: Hulk : January 29th, 2017-05:01
and look forward to more fantastic reports Cheers Steve

Dear Fx, thinking of you & being so glad about your apparent good course back to a full health status.. :))

 By: hs111 : January 29th, 2017-05:01
Sincerely wishing you all the very Best for your further complete recovery. And already looking forward to your future contributions here. Cheers & Best, hs.

Get well soon

 By: KamalRostov : January 29th, 2017-05:05
and a full recovery

Get well soon...

 By: KIH : January 29th, 2017-05:09
.. but take your time. We will be with you all the way Ken

Dear Fx, I follow you on IG and very much enjoy your posts.

 By: Kamy : January 29th, 2017-05:49
Please don't worry about your lack of activity on PuristsPro. We're not going anywhere. We'll be here, waiting for you Take good care of yourself... Sincerely, Kamy

take care of you FX

 By: patrickh : January 29th, 2017-06:00
and full recovery Cheers, Patrickh

Terribly sorry to hear this.

 By: TheMadDruid : January 29th, 2017-06:08
I was wondering why we did not get your great reports from Geneva. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery, Fx. Your health is most important so look out for yourself now. Hope to see you again in Paris this Summer. Pour ta santé.

Get well soon

 By: le_chef : January 29th, 2017-06:08
Perseverance and a positive attitude are the keys to recovery. You have a supporters club here cheering you on!

wish you all the best for a prompt recovery!

 By: christianch : January 29th, 2017-06:14
Basel can wait...get well soon!

Get well FX

 By: Joepny : January 29th, 2017-06:20
And stay strong. Wishing you the best! -joe

We're with you!

 By: Tim_M : January 29th, 2017-06:20
This is sad news, but I am encouraged and inspired by your account of fighting back from the stroke. Be well, heal, and win this battle; we'll always be here as your family on the net. Best, Tim

Take care, Foversta!

 By: jporos : January 29th, 2017-06:49
We look forward to your posts from Paris!

I wish you a quick recovery Xavier!

 By: tudorctin : January 29th, 2017-07:01
Take it easy! Actually I wanted to ask our Purists about you because I haven't seen any report about SIHH... Constantin

WIll definitely keep you in my prayer for a swift recovery!

 By: Rhyzen : January 29th, 2017-07:05
Please get ample rest, all of us here can't wait to see you get better! Do take care!

I want to wish you quick recovery.

 By: aris d : January 29th, 2017-08:13
" live the day", so true. Aris

Happy to see you getting better by the day, FX

 By: AlexSunrise : January 29th, 2017-08:17
Keep the hopes up, and from a distance, our best wishes will be with you for you to regain your health in the shortest time possible. All the best, Alex

So glad you are doing better! :)

 By: KMII : January 29th, 2017-08:18
We are all hoping for a speedy and full recovery and as far as your IG posts go, it seems to be well underway All the best!

Get well soon! [nt]

 By: mj23 : January 29th, 2017-08:19

Get well soon, Fx

 By: rnaden : January 29th, 2017-08:22
The passions of this hobby is a great thing, but health is of paramount value Good to read that you're doing well on the mend.

Wish You a Full and Speedy Recovery

 By: SALMANQ8 : January 29th, 2017-08:31
Heath before watches always S

Get well soon!

 By: brandon1 : January 29th, 2017-08:39
Have been enjoying your Instagram in the meantime! Be well, Brandon

You're a tough nut to crack!

 By: Harry2 : January 29th, 2017-08:56
Best of luck! Sounds like you don\'t need it though

Wishing you a quick recovery NT

 By: ZeroHour : January 29th, 2017-09:26

Glad to see you well and smiling.

 By: VMM : January 29th, 2017-09:35
Best wishes for a good recovery. Vte

All the best.

 By: Alex_KonTiki : January 29th, 2017-09:35
All the best always to you. I beg for your quickly recover and you\'ll see that now you have a new opportunity to have better life. Many members of my family in the same situation few months ago and let me tell you that I understand perfectly your feeling... 

Terribly sorry to hear this news

 By: Poky : January 29th, 2017-09:37
I do hope you will recover quickly and fully so you can resume the enjoyment of the day to day living. My best wishes.

get well soon Fx...

 By: mahesh : January 29th, 2017-09:37
wishing you a strong recovery and stronger health. Best, mahesh.,

Get well soon!!!

 By: keks : January 29th, 2017-10:11
So sorry to hear, but glad to hear you seem to be recovering well!!! Take all the time it needs and thank you for the reminder to everyone that time is precious (more so than any time piece, even if a precious time piece helps keep track of time...)

I wish you a good recovery!

 By: nitediver : January 29th, 2017-10:33
Life is nothing without health. Hope to see you back here in the community soon! Best Stefan

Godspeed on your recovery

 By: reintitan : January 29th, 2017-10:55
I hope you get better as soon as possible.

Terribly sorry to hear of your health issue, but relieved to hear of the excellent prognosis for recovery.

 By: vitalsigns : January 29th, 2017-11:41
We have missed you here. Looking forward to your full recovery and return. Regards, John

Get well soon Sir! We miss your posts and

 By: timerider : January 29th, 2017-11:48
special eye on the watch world. Take good care, Tim

Lookin' good my dear Friend!

 By: MichaelC : January 29th, 2017-11:49
Keep it going in the right direction!


 By: InHavenPro : January 29th, 2017-11:51
your contributions here are dearly missed by myself among many others, but that is all trivial compared to your well-being. Make as fast and full of a recovery as possible! I will keep you in my thoughts. Cheers, Filip

You have my strongest wishes for a full recovery.

 By: meatrackmd : January 29th, 2017-12:12
my heart goes out to you in this time. I am confident that you will push to a good outcome. We will be here when you return, waiting for your posts. God speed. Dimitris

Just Yesterday

 By: almapama : January 29th, 2017-12:46
I checked when you had posted the last time and thought there must be something wrong. The Lange Forum is badly missing you! I\'m glad to hear from you and wish you all the best to get better soon! Best, Matthias

Terribly sorry to hear this.

 By: jaguariste : January 29th, 2017-13:24
I was wondering why you were less active than usual. I will quote you in my daily Rosary for a quick recovery. I wish you all the best. Bravery. We are all thinking to you. Dan

Greetings from Caracas

 By: panerai123 : January 29th, 2017-13:56
Dear Francois Xavier, muchos saludos desde Caracas y contento de saber que has podido superar este nuevo reto. I looked for you at the ALS booth at the SIHH but now In understand your absence. We surely miss you and wish you a prompt recovery from this ch... 

Take care, get well!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 29th, 2017-14:10
Looking forward to your return! Best Blomman

Just saw your post!

 By: yesjb : January 29th, 2017-14:10
All my best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. Hopefully you will continue on in your usually brilliant form for decades to come. Joseph

Get well Sir ...

 By: nilomis : January 29th, 2017-14:14
I hope that your recovery is smooth and fast. Cheers, Nilo

Get well soon Fx.

 By: gautamak : January 29th, 2017-15:08
Wishing you speedy recovery. Articles, posts can wait, am sure to see fascinating posts in near future as you are out from nightmare. Gautam !

Speedy recovery!

 By: Blourenco : January 29th, 2017-15:15
Get well, live long and prosper

Get well soon Fx

 By: Mark in Paris : January 29th, 2017-15:18
And take your time Best, Mark

Dear FX, I wish you the speediest of recoveries.

 By: CR : January 29th, 2017-15:45
Thank you for letting us know. My thoughts are with you, and I hope you continue to feel better and better!

WOW !!! Get well soon FX !

 By: bimbeano : January 29th, 2017-15:58
I'm sure you will be 100 % for SIHH 2018 ;-) Greetings and take care mon ami !!! Filip

I have lots of hope Fx

 By: jrwong23 (aka watchthebin) : January 29th, 2017-16:35
that you will be completely well soon. Take care my friend and my prayers are with you Thank God you are recovering well and your spirits are good too Cheers Robin


 By: DonWishnow ( Wish) : January 29th, 2017-18:37
Sad to read of your health problem, pleased you are making a recovery. I Wish( no pun intended) you a timely complete recovery and only Positive Thoughts your way. Regards, Don Wishnow WISH

Wish you get well soon

 By: Watchlover78 : January 29th, 2017-18:48
Best wishes, Baxter

Best wishes FX! [nt]

 By: iamcalledryan : January 29th, 2017-19:07

Speedy recovery bro! [nt]

 By: Dufourism : January 29th, 2017-21:47

With a smile like that . . .

 By: Dr No : January 29th, 2017-22:24
. . . and the twinkle in your eyes, I just know you're going to be ok, FX! Warmest, Art

Wow....get well soon Fx!

 By: Rei : January 29th, 2017-22:39
God bless you and look forward to seeing your excellent pics of watches!

And perhaps....

 By: sham1 : January 30th, 2017-02:53
you will consider rewarding yourself with a lovely timepiece when you fully recover

I wish you a super fast recovery!

 By: radone : January 30th, 2017-03:13
All the best, Radu

Get well soon!

 By: halkcb : January 30th, 2017-03:44
All the best for a speedy recovery

Take care François Xavier

 By: Bruno.M1 : January 30th, 2017-03:48
Take the time it takes to recover and get well asap

I hope you make a full recovery

 By: 41northpole : January 30th, 2017-04:58
All the very best, and take it easy Regards Tim

Wishing you all the best, Fx.

 By: respo : January 30th, 2017-05:23
I saw and admired your series of posts on IG, but did not realize what you were doing and why. What a great idea, and so happy you passed the self-imposed "test." Best wishes for your full and speedy recovery. respo

Wishing u a speedy recovery

 By: chintu : January 30th, 2017-06:44
Best wishes for a very speedy recovery. Keep posting, as writing on your favorite topics is the best stress buster as well. regds narsi

Get well soon FX !

 By: Mike H : January 30th, 2017-06:57
Hope you have received our team message and pic from SIHH. Yes I could not agree more : Carpe diem !!! Presently writing this post from my bed in hospital, waiting for the surgeon to operate me within an hour. Quite stressing waiting moments before an ost... 

Mike: Are you awake yet?

 By: MTF : January 30th, 2017-08:11
MikeH, I hope you are recovered from the anesthesia and (painful) osteotomy by now. Why are our PuristS Paris members in hospital at the same time? All of you: Get well soon! MTF

Sorry my friend for the late answer

 By: Mike H : January 31st, 2017-22:17
The operation actually lasted longer than expected and they released me quite late. In the evening I was still under the effect of the anesthesia so I was ok, but yesterday (and this night) have been terrible. They had warned me to expect the worst in ter... 

Sorry not to be able to answer totally positively Nico

 By: Mike H : January 31st, 2017-23:10
According to the surgeon the operation went ok, but I did not expect the pain would be so acute after an osteotomy. Hopefully it won't last too long and things will be better soon. Cross fingers for me as I can't do it anymore, my right hand is totally im... 

Good idea ! ;-))) [nt]

 By: Mike H : January 31st, 2017-23:15

Each time I go to the dentist, this is what I am thinking about.

 By: amanico : January 31st, 2017-23:16
That's why my wish list is that long!

LOOOL ! [nt]

 By: Mike H : January 31st, 2017-23:23

You see? It works! [nt]

 By: amanico : January 31st, 2017-23:41

Still completely in the dumps...

 By: Mike H : February 4th, 2017-04:52
...under my duvet and waiting for the pain to decrease. The only occupation that I found to keep my brain thinking of something else is to browse here on my ipad. Hope I get better soon but it's damned looong!

Glad to see you finally on the upward slope..

 By: Ornatus-Mundi : January 30th, 2017-09:18
keep up the progress, your strength - and most of all, your passion and enthusiasm. Speedy recovery, François! Magnus

Hi FX... Get fully well soon :-)

 By: CL : January 30th, 2017-09:26
I have a close friend who had a TIA 5-6 years ago. I was the first one to attend to her when she called for help. Now, she continues to be healthy and happy. So will you Cheers, CL

Best wishes for a speedy recovery :)

 By: pingtsai : January 30th, 2017-09:48
When I read the first line of your post, I immediately felt nervous. Thank goodness that you are okay and have experienced little after effect. I'm sorry that you had to start off the new year in this way but it can only get better from here. Please take ... 

Get well soon!!

 By: chikai168 : January 30th, 2017-10:23
All the best and a full recovery! BW, Chi Kai

Sorry to hear that, but glad to know that you are recovering well.

 By: ianny : January 30th, 2017-10:27
Take care and rest well. Regards, Ian

Hello Fx! I wish you a fast recovery and feel happy for you ...

 By: Subexplorer : January 30th, 2017-14:36
... knowing you are doing well after this so ugly health experience! We look forward to your return to our Forum !! All the best! Abel

Hi FX, glad to hear you are doing better ! Wish you a speedy and full recovery !

 By: GLau : January 31st, 2017-22:28
Also I am eagerly awaiting future posts from you when you are ready. Cheers, Gordon btw, nice hat !

Get well soon! Best wishes!!

 By: jorgemuci : February 1st, 2017-02:55
no escribo mucho aquí por mi mal inglés.... Espero que te recuperes pronto ! Mucho ánimo!

Best wishes

 By: donizetti : February 1st, 2017-06:26
for a speedy recovery - great that the stroke could be treated early! Best Andreas

My most sincere wishes for a speedy and full recovery Fx

 By: emcquillan : February 1st, 2017-06:51
Your posts are always a highlight. Kindest regards, Edward

Get well soon

 By: sueno213 : February 2nd, 2017-12:44
We never know what time will bring, get well soon. Ps you are very handsome

A speedy recovery!

 By: RuK : February 2nd, 2017-13:05
Hope you get well soon! Put in some hard work with Physio

Sorry, and sad to hear about.....

 By: watercolors : February 3rd, 2017-10:27
your health issues. I hope for a full recovery Foversta. Best Regards Edward

Thank you all for your messages of support!

 By: foversta : February 3rd, 2017-12:39
They are very important for me. I keep improving and I expect to be able to write again soon. It can be positive to train again my brain and articles about watches are in this context an excellent way to progress! Thanks and see you soon! Fx

Wishing you a speedy recovery FX

 By: =RWK= : February 4th, 2017-11:06
God Bless, -- Richard.

Very happy to know that you get better François Xavier, the forum needs you.

 By: ninolitaliano : February 4th, 2017-14:18
Come back to us healthy. Best regards. Nino

Get well soon!

 By: traineract : February 5th, 2017-08:57
Sorry to hear the news but a relief to also hear that there's no permanent aftereffects. Wish you a full and speedy recovery. Get well soon! Best wishes, Jude

You'll be as good as new soon, I'm sure!

 By: dxboon : February 9th, 2017-11:39
My thoughts are always with you! I know you are working hard toward full recovery! Sending love, and well-wishes from sunny SoCal! xoxo, Daos

I am so very sorry

 By: ChristianDK : February 15th, 2017-13:34
my sincere wishes for a speedy recovery. Regards Christian

Hang in there buddy!

 By: Mostel : February 22nd, 2017-09:59
Prayers, blessings, appreciation, well wishes!!!

Have a good recovery

 By: zhongenamel : March 1st, 2017-21:48
Get well soon and wish you get back up stronger than before

Take care and wishing you a speedy recovery

 By: williebegoode : March 2nd, 2017-02:13
Like a retrograde, may you pop back to full health!