Sep 06, 2023,21:02 PM

I’ve been looking at this piece since I first saw photos.  I have the 1953 re-edition but as a child of the ‘60s, the original “Killy” was always the one!  I'll visit the boutique in Scottsdale and see if they have one to try on.  Very tempting and it would sure go well with my ‘67 Alfa Duetto.


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Breitling’s Boston Boutique officially opened today!

 By: Mach : September 3rd, 2023-02:11
They also just happened to have sold their first piece - thanks to me!😁 They have a piece, which is a boutique and online exclusive piece, that I have been seriously considering since May. I have had in the basket multiple times but never manage to procee...  

Thank you! You as well!

 By: patrick_y : September 3rd, 2023-16:30

Breitling has been increasing impressive with its releases, and this re-edition is particularly nice in its execution.

 By: ArmisT : September 3rd, 2023-02:36
Boston is turning into quite a watch shopping attraction too. I hope the AP boutique has recovered from the recent incident. Do you happen to know if they’ve reopened their doors?

It’s amazing what’s happening on Newbury St!

 By: Mach : September 3rd, 2023-08:49
I feel bad for the family running the AD across the street from Breitling. I’ve recommended they try to be like Cellini and offer my more independent and unique brands to remain competitive! The good news is that they will run the VC Boutique. AP has stil... 

Sincere thanks. 🙏🏽 I wish you and family and great and safe Labor Day weekend as well!

 By: ArmisT : September 3rd, 2023-14:48
And thanks for the boutique updates. Agreed about the changes for SCL, but good to know they’ll be managing the VC boutique. I wonder if they had made a bid for the PP boutique as a family affair, but I’m sure that was a tough bid. Such is business.

New are Breitling and Hublot, and TAG and Grand Seiko. PP coming very soon too, and VC. Also look for IWC, Panerai, and maybe Tudor. All joining Lange, Rolex, AP, RM, Montblanc, Bulgari, and even Shinola. The BIG question remains...

 By: CR : September 7th, 2023-03:25
When will Omega finally open a Boston boutique? It's bizarre that they didn't do this on Newbury Street a decade ago. And the second big question: "Where's the nearest place to buy a Swatch?" Answer=NYC.

Great point about Omega, that is very curious 🤔

 By: ArmisT : September 7th, 2023-04:55
But all these brands have (or will have) boutiques in Boston?? So much has happened quickly, I didn’t realize there’s a Grand Seiko shop. I guess they aren’t necessarily all on Newbury as opposed to in the mall. That being said, then indeed where the heck... 


 By: CR : September 7th, 2023-22:53
Breitling/Bulgari/Cartier/Hublot/Lange/Richard Mille/Rolex all have boutiques on Newbury. PP and VC boutiques will soon be on Newbury, and maybe IWC/Panerai/Tudor too. AP boutique is 1 block away from Newbury. TAG/Grand Seiko have adjacent boutique spaces... 

Exactly, Craig!

 By: Mach : September 9th, 2023-10:19
Omega didn’t want to pay the ‘Newbury St.’ premium, so they resorted to the Natick Mall, which didn’t last long. Hopefully, they’ve learned their lesson!🤞 Have a great weekend, Craig!🥂

Congratulations on this new beautiful piece. Having been

 By: hora12reborn : September 3rd, 2023-03:03
their first customer places you in pole position for the future.👏

Cheers, my friend!🥂

 By: Mach : September 3rd, 2023-08:58
I’m not so sure! I had established relationships with two SAs at the NYC Boutique. But they both left to pursue new endeavors and I was back to ground zero! So, hopefully, with this new local boutique, I will have an easy time maintaining relationships!🤞 ... 

Congratulations on your new watch!

 By: GWIS : September 3rd, 2023-06:29
Breitling are certainly doing a good job of bringing historic designs back. All the best, Jon

Cheers, Jon!🥂

 By: Mach : September 3rd, 2023-08:58


 By: m2 : September 3rd, 2023-07:07
Between this and the salmon / mint green etc models they put out, they’ve really put out some great designs lately

That’s a nice watch, not seen this type personally.

 By: KURT_DAVID : September 3rd, 2023-09:30
Particularly like the extra lume on the subdial. Look forward to seeing more of it. 😀

Cheers, Kurt!🥂

 By: Mach : September 3rd, 2023-13:18

Merci, mon ami!🥂

 By: Mach : September 3rd, 2023-13:20

Cheers, Tom!🥂

 By: Mach : September 3rd, 2023-13:20

Great addition my friend! What movement does it have?

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : September 3rd, 2023-11:38

Cheers, Yacomino!🥂

 By: Mach : September 3rd, 2023-13:27
It’s their in-house manual wind B09 Calibre, which is also utilized in the other re-editions: ...  

Congrats Mark!

 By: Aquaracer1 : September 4th, 2023-00:19
Unfortunate for your bank account, but VERY fortunate for your wrist! Looking good! 👍🏻

Congratulations and GREAT choice!

 By: Jakx : September 4th, 2023-14:03
Did they give you the Fred book on the Premier? A must read for sure!

I hope there's enough left in your account to fund . . .

 By: Dr No : September 4th, 2023-14:19
. . . another vacation in So Cal. And be sure to bring the Breitling.

That won’t be an issue, Art! As a professional road warrior . . .

 By: Mach : September 9th, 2023-10:02
I rack up quite a few points for free airfares, hotels, and rentals. In fact, I’m writing this while on assignment in Cartagena, Columbia: Now if I could only use those points to acquire pieces!😉 Have a great weekend, Art!🥂 ...  

Congratulation on the first

 By: Jari from Finland : September 4th, 2023-17:54
purchase in the new boutique. Good looking Breitling.


 By: kkochheiser : September 6th, 2023-21:02
I’ve been looking at this piece since I first saw photos. I have the 1953 re-edition but as a child of the ‘60s, the original “Killy” was always the one! I'll visit the boutique in Scottsdale and see if they have one to try on. Very tempting and it would ...