trying to remove a post

May 21, 2020,15:44 PM

my 3970 on the Patek forum was meant to be a seat but got accidentally posted. Still getting used to the App. Please delete if I haven't already discovered how to. Thanks

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What is a seat?

 By: pongster : August 4th, 2020-04:33
Would have loved to see your 3970. I have one en route.


 By: BuffaloWatch : August 4th, 2020-06:14
I think I meant to say "delete". Still looking for a 3970. What did you find?

Found a 3970E

 By: pongster : August 4th, 2020-07:00
From 1994. Serviced by Patek three or four years ago. Hope it arrives next week. I was choosing among that or a 3940J or a brand new 5327J. My concern is its manual. But all PP PCCs are manual. So i guess, no choice. Was even tempted to get a Longines Tri... 

Looking forward as well

 By: pongster : August 4th, 2020-07:48
What does [nt] mean?

Thanks [nt] [nt]

 By: pongster : August 4th, 2020-09:16

Very cool

 By: BuffaloWatch : August 4th, 2020-08:33
I have several manual wind watches from PP and other brands. I've come to appreciate the morning ritual of winding them, holding them, choosing from among them. If you forget a day no big deal, although setting the different functions on the PCC is more i...