Problems with Microsoft Edge Version 83.0.478.61

Jul 10, 2020,01:54 AM

Edge on Win10 recently updated to the version mentioned above (Official build / 64-bit). After the update the spell checker is not functioning properly...  Not surprisingly it's the same problem I had with Chrome Browser.

When using the short (quick) editor the spell checker makes suggestions on right mouse click.  When using the full screen (long) editor, the spell checker does not make spelling correction suggestions on right mouse click.

With the previous (old) version of Edge the spell checker functioned correctly.  With other apps the spell checker works correctly.  I only have the problem when using WatchProSite full screen editor.


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Never tried WPS on Edge but I just did now...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : July 27th, 2020-16:58
I have version 84 (64-bit) and the spell checker works the way you describe it. However, I went back to Firefox and noticed it's the same there. So, does this mean it's a WPS software issue?

I had the same issue with Win7 and chrome (also reported via Help Desk at the time)...

 By: cshimokita : August 1st, 2020-13:56
with Win7 MS Explorer worked fine but slow performance overall... I understand that the new version of Edge is "based" on the Chrome engine so the problem is "expected"... Fortunately the spell checker identifies spelling errors, just doesn't suggest corr...