Listing not showing

Feb 19, 2024,15:46 PM

Dear team,

I trust this email finds you well.

Could you please assist with the following - I had posted 2 listings one month ago and i was under the impression it got posted after my verification. 
When I checked via mobile it showed up.
However, I have been checking recently and it appears that both listings are not showing up. The strange thing is that when I search on my mobile, the listings appear (with FSP and not just FS), but when I do the same search on my laptop, my listings from a year ago show up, but not the most recent ones.

Could you please assist me? I want to post one more listing, but and relist the recent ones, but I want to ensure I am doing it correctly.

As always - grateful for your time, effort and dedication!

Kind regards,

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Please email Bill with your request...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : February 20th, 2024-02:34
bill @watchprosite . com

Will follow up.

 By: Bill : February 21st, 2024-16:17