Can’t send or reply to PMs

Apr 03, 2023,07:45 AM

I can see them but can’t reply or send a new one.

Appreciate some advice on how to get this rectified.



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I know how to send end reply to PMs

 By: SingaporeMarc : April 4th, 2023-01:39
I’ve do t it before. But starting the last few weeks, I have been getting the same error message when I try to reply. See attached. Best, Marc ...  

I tried and got the same error from thr

 By: SingaporeMarc : April 4th, 2023-07:07
Website. Marc

Can you log off the web version and log back on to see if there is any issues. sorry for the trouble.

 By: Bill : April 4th, 2023-15:14
PS not sure if the star in your username is an issue. May be worth removing.

It worked after I removed

 By: SingaporeMarc : April 5th, 2023-01:39
The ☀️ from my user name. Thanks Bill 🙏🏻 Best, Marc

Glad to hear.

 By: Bill : April 5th, 2023-02:04

I just got your PM and replied to it 👍

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : April 5th, 2023-02:23

Thanks again for your

 By: SingaporeMarc : April 6th, 2023-05:22
Assistance 🙏🏻☀️ Marc