Not bad looking, this Project Z13. [nt]

Oct 09, 2019,05:22 AM

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Harry Winston's 2019 Timepieces (Updated with MicroMosaic Technique Video)

 By: Kong : October 9th, 2019-04:51
Recently viewed some exquisite Harry Winston's 2019 timepieces and remarkably impressed with their crafts and attention to details placed especially on the aesthetic aspect of their watches. Before entering the Salon of Mr Winston (aka “The King of Diamon...  

Yes :-)

 By: Kong : October 10th, 2019-09:46
Very muscular looking too. Kong

The diamonds in the first dozen or so watches boggle my mind

 By: cazalea : October 9th, 2019-06:40
First that they (HW) have set so many in each watch, and that they are so intricately woven into the mosaic and other designs. Wow! Cazalea

The Micromosaic ...

 By: Kong : October 10th, 2019-09:49
is intriguing ... just added the Micromosaic technique video into the post. Thanks for viewing, Cazalea. Kong

Pieces of art

 By: Jurry : October 9th, 2019-09:53
All of them, without exception, are really true pieces of art. Imagine how many meticulous highly intense hours it will take to set all these diamonds in those complicated patterns. It may not be my personal taste but that doesn’t mean I don’t admire the ... 

Well said!

 By: Kong : October 10th, 2019-09:52
The amount of effort, as you've said, putting into each dial is mind-boggling. Please have a look at the video of the MicroMosaic Technique ( just added into the post). Thanks for viewing, Jurry. Kong

Very beautiful pieces!

 By: patrick_y : October 9th, 2019-18:04
Thank you for the post Kong!


 By: Kong : October 10th, 2019-09:55
Hello Patrick! Good to hear from you! Just added a video on the Micromosaic Technique... please have a look. Kong

Holy cow! Wow!

 By: patrick_y : October 10th, 2019-11:35
I figured that's how they made it, with little chipped pieces of glass, but seeing them do it does add dimensionality to it and makes me appreciate it so much more. Goodness! That's a beautiful art! Thanks for sharing this very important video Kong!

Like the Z13 too [nt]

 By: brauner : October 10th, 2019-09:32


 By: Kong : October 10th, 2019-09:58
Looks a lot better in 'steel' than on photo. Thanks for viewing. Kong