I almost have a 7 Opus winning streak...

Jun 06, 2011,14:37 PM

I keep on pursuing my quest to be able to wear at least once each and every Opus watch... I almost got a 7 Opus winning streak in less than one year. I hope to see all of them before the end of 2012! The missing one from the Opus 5  is the Opus 8 by Frédéric Garinaud !!!

Opus 5:

Opus 6 (this one was really difficult... only 6 pieces were produced) so the Prototype was fine:

Opus 7:

Opus 9:

Opus 10:

Opus 11:


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beautiful wrist shots!

 By: playtime : June 6th, 2011-18:33
love the opus X looking forward to future pics! J

I want opus 6

 By: Mar_my : May 28th, 2020-03:09
How much you bought the opus 6? And of you want sell it, i will take it from you. Thanks