Dec 30, 2018,12:19 PM

after 52 week changes, enough energy has been stored to return the week's disks to position 01.

It fascinates me to know that in an instant, or that the reset of the week number, there is all the charm of this particularly complex movement: in a second it starts again with the discs, perfectly aligned, indicating 01

How much I love it!


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 By: Moana43 : December 30th, 2018-13:55
OK, I feel a bit dense asking this — but, what is the window at 12 o’clock indicating? If it is "weeks", then I’m wondering why it wouldn’t reset to 01 after 52. Put differently, the 53 stumps me. Sorry for my ignorance on this one! ☺️

Sometimes, although it is a rarity, it can happen that a year is composed of 53 weeks.

 By: massimiliano : December 31st, 2018-00:05
This case occurs when the first day of the year is Thursday (in the common years), or Wednesday or Thursday (in leap years). So, the watch must be capable to show every situation. The only adjustment is to add, with the corrector, one week at the end of t... 

Many thanks for the reply!

 By: Moana43 : December 31st, 2018-08:22
This whole concept is new to me, so I am now studying ISO 8601 to try to get my head around it. 😳 In any event, congrats on owning such a remarkable GO! 👍🏻

Oh I've never looked at that function in that way.

 By: Luis6 : December 30th, 2018-16:05
Probably because I've never owned one. Now you mentioned it, and I must say it's a brilliant idea to have and to look at such a unique function.

Hope it’s been a great 53 weeks for you Massi!

 By: KMII : December 30th, 2018-21:19
Certainly a great complication 👍🏻

I guess it’s normal for life to have some ups and downs

 By: KMII : December 31st, 2018-00:03
But as long as you found it acceptable, all is good. To a great 2019 my friend 👍🏻

Will definitely need it for 2019 😊

 By: KMII : December 31st, 2018-01:19
New city, new country, new language, new job... 🤪

Where are you now, D.? [nt]

 By: massimiliano : December 31st, 2018-04:43

It was not much of a celebration...

 By: KMII : December 31st, 2018-21:53
Exhausted from packing we fell asleep with the children just past 9 😂